POST BEST Vietnam Music Video (on youtube)
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Posted 11/27/10 , edited 11/27/10
A music video is a short film or video that accompanies a piece of music.

Please don't concert , on stage video or Paris By Night, Asia stuff. Just Music Video. Thanks.

For example:
Mưa buồn MV - Minh Tuyết & Huy Vũ


Muộn màng MV - Minh Tuyết
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Greed Island
Posted 10/24/11 , edited 10/24/11
haha funny how theres no comments to this b/c most of the vn vids stink tbh they're to outdated and childish. I'm vn btw so I'm not trolling in anyway
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Posted 10/25/11 , edited 10/26/11
Ru Tinh - Hong Nhung
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Posted 11/5/11 , edited 11/5/11
Viet music just sucks unfortunately ~
Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/5/12
Though it's not the best quality of music videos Vietnam is improving a bit,which is always good.
I adore this song for the singer sound very nice, the song itself is fairly calming and sweet.
(though it isn't the music video,just the song)

As of better quality music videos, you can take a look at 365daband's new mv
I find that to be pretty good quality,considering that it is from Vietnam.They are very popular in Vietnam at least.

You could also give the boyband, Rainbow Boys a try. (they kind of try to be more into the said Korean look with the makeup and attire, as well,along with the scenery, but regardless of that they are "okay",too bad people shun them just cause they are "copying" the Kpop "look" too much. They are far from perfect but I praise them for trying and hope for them to continue on trying to try to give Vpop a better look/shine.

Another band, X4 Band is actually fairly good. They sound awesome to me but what do I know.
two of their songs in the following links are:

I am sure there are more better quality mvs you just have to take time in finding them if you are interested and I am sure there wil be more better quality ones in the near future too.
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