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This is some very recent news that has come to light and it will effect every single member located in the USA. Even if you are not in the USA, I urge your support for the sake of net neutrality.

You may have heard about ACTA, well this is worse, it is a law that is 'expected' to pass, because it is backed by the Attorney General . The bill is being reviewed by the senate as we speak. It will make it so they can straight up censor sites seen distributing copyright material.

Instead of taking people to court or just removing the copyright material like Youtube does, they will be able to use the excuse to COMPLETELY CENSOR the site from everybody in the U.S.

Say goodbye to Youtube and many other major user uploaded content sites. I recommend everyone from this site that is located in the U.S to sign the petition and post it to their Facebook wall, twitter, and whatever.

Imagine once this passes, it will open doors to censoring many anime sites, youtube, porn sites, the list goes on.

Proxy servers would also become prone to censorship so if you think it's a non issue, think again.
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You're gonna need a more credible site to convince me, bro.
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Ehh... you know bullshit like that isn't ever going to pass.

Anyhow this thread is pretty much a advertising so Imma have to lock it, sorry :|

If you're want to make a new thread like this, make more open topic instead of commanding users to do something.

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