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Luchia walked into the her dorm with a lollipop in her mouth, a silver laptop under one arm and dragging her baggage with her other arm. This is where I'm going to stay huh? At least I'm not living with my uncle anymore.. She closed the door behind her and placed her laptop carefully onto the study desk that the school had prepared.
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Yuzuna d' Evan Gelic

I closed my eyes and before I knew it the taxi was already in front of Seika's Girls' Dormitory.
I looked at the building and I have heard rumours that there is a stupid pervert who installed a spy cam in the girls' bath.
I sighed and went in. I headed to the counter and took a room. I took the card and the keys. I headed to the stairs and climbed up
to 2nd floor. I opened the door and looked around the room. The room had 2 bed rooms, which meant I am welcome to have guests
over. I smirked and looked around some more. There was an average sized kitchen and a nice shower room. I didn't see why they would
build a girls bath when they built in a bathroom for every dorm room. But I guessed it was there for if you wanted to take a bath with your
friends. I put my luggage in the room I decided would be mine. I put my laptop on my desk. I set up everything in 1 hour. My stuff that I made a truck deliver was in the living room. I fixed everything just in time for making dinner. I made dinner and ate. I lay on my bed in my room, looking at the ceiling I realized why my monthly payment for the dorm was rather expensive, the dorm was more like an apartment, except
only students can rent.
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