Should Japan make juvenile anime?
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Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10
Rite now I am watching the latest Digimon Xros and it is revolting to continue watching it. Although I am not even 14 years old, I am so disgusted with the plot holes and sooooo-convenient solutions and cliche remarks. So, I really am not sure if this Xros anime is good even for children?

Are there good examples for Japan to make juvenile anime and reasons why they are good?
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Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/30/10
I'm not saying they are good but I have seen the first episode of Xros wars (yes, I was looking forward to this) and it disappointed me. I just thought that this anime was meant for kids, not grown-ups.

But seriously, I don't even know if I answered your question right. Sorry if I didn't. It's kinda confusing, your question. :PP
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