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New summary needed!
Name and chara's in ()
We have this many members so please talk to EVERYONE!
Kuki (X Enone, Lleulu, Kuarmi,X Ino)
Cynthia (Kura)
Connie (X Dia, Rima)
Asakura (Sen, Ayumi)
Kaori (Shi, Emi)
Yin (Kina)
Yukiei (Kirashii)
Nozomi (Hana, Rina)
Yuto (Hyru)
Yuri (Hex)
Sakura ( Love, Soul, Sin, Rin)
Reenee (Eiri)
Kina (Kibella, Symphony, Coso)
Kumiko (Miho, Kayo)
Emiko (Tsumi, Sora, Makoto)
Aimichou (Tick, Tock, Noel)
Satchan (Kumiko, Lily Ahiru)
Kida (Izuo)
Alto (Detla)
Ichigo (Utau, Miko)
Hazuki (Lili)
Akane (Nich, Lila)
Sazuka (Li)
Hazuki (Lili)
Nana (Chiya)
Himemia (Chii,Miku,Rose)
Erika ( Mei, Astrid)
Saki (Katsumi)
Ko (Woi, Lio)
Wha'ts happen:

Nozomi Yukiei, Kuki and Connie all meet at school and discovered each others charas. Then after school Yukiei left and went home. But Kuki went and discussed with the present guardians; interseted in why Connies, Dia had a X. It was Easters fault. But just as they story got good Kuki had to go; Easter was calling. Little to her knowing Nozomi also worked for Easter. They ran into each other after finding Connie trying to break in after X eggs. All three of them got in a fight in which ended with the bosses directior cutting it off after Kuki stole Dia right out of Connie. Nozomin tried to stopped her. But it didn't work. The bosses daughter put them in a cell with Yuto found Kuki in the town running home; to keep Dia hidden. He stopped her for whatever reason but left her go again; to go free Nozomi and Connie as a one time thing. He set them free; after a heated discussion. Then he left; using his chara to care him of. All of them escaped and went into town; Yuto spying, Connie looking for dia as well as Nozomi. They unknowingly, were being wathced by Kuki. She then fled to her house; trying to escape the guardians. But she ran into another one; Yin, the spade. Who didn't attack her. She had tried to make Dia go through the reform but Connie stopped her; by breaking her stolen chara's egg. It made Kuki fall and Nozomi and Connie and her sister win. But she made Connie feel bad by telling her the queens words. She gave Kuki strength; as well did Yin. The next day; Nozomi returned to the town and ran in Yukiei again; drinking tea. After she had fought with Yuto; who had teased her about her one-chan. They had fought agnaist Kuki and Yuto; who stopped them after threatening Nozomi he wouldn't tell her about her sister. But before the fight between Kuki and Connie and her three sisters
They all had enjoyed a lil down time; with new friends. Kuki and Yuto meet Kina and Sakura. Two powerful singers that took their place right beside Kuki and Yuto who are their guards. They sung at concerts; fighting Nozomi, Yukiei and her king; Kida (can't remember if he was there of not XD) Kuki had also ran into Kumiko (i think) and Hana. But never fighting with the two friendly guaridans. They talked while Connie, and her sisters bonded. Hana also went to meet multiply people with Kina and Sakura meet Nozomi; praising her on her singing. Yuto often butted in; teasing anyone. He teased each and every guardian he finds, kicking them. Later Kuki chan reached Enone after the haunted house with Yukiei, Satchan, Connie and her sisters and Hana were being haunted. Yukiei helped the other guardians and easter member including Yuto escape. Later Kuki, Nozomi, Kina, Connie, Asakura, and Kaori battled; resulting in the death of the director and a replacement. It also resulted in a dark aura casting around the builiding; a shield that only lets the singers; Emiko a new singer who had already picked a fight, Kina, Sakura, and any other member in. Later a friendly meeting was made; in which everyone meet and talked. Kuki, Yukiei, Aimichou, Yuto, Sakura, Kina, Yida, Hana and Hazuki all went seperate ways; some hanging out, Kina reachin an X chara and others fighting once again; over the debate between Easter and the Guardians. Who will win?

If I missed something tell me where and if your not here its cause you haven't made a impression! If I mistaked you for someone also let me know!
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