The regions of Lucky Star and Melody of Oblivion
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Posted 12/1/10 , edited 12/1/10
Lucky Star and The Melody of Oblivion have launched. Hurray! But in the announcement thread it's raining complaints about the region restrictions. And it's quite evident where the frustration comes from: There are no region restrictions mentioned in the announcement.

It has already been said many times but i say it again: Please mention the region restrictions in the announcement. And preferably on top. It saves a lot people the frustration of getting exciting about a new series only to find out at the very last moment that they can't watch it.

There is also another reason. A lot of mistakes been made in the past around these region restrictions. Sometimes a title was not available in a region where it actually should have been available. By mentioning the region restrictions people can verify whether it's really available for them or not.

As for me, i can watch both series but i don't really know if that is intended and it wouldn't be the first time that a title suddenly becomes unavailable because it was actually never supposed to be available in the first place.

So please mention the regions of Lucky Star and Melody of Oblivion and please mention the region information in future announcements. Thank you.
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Posted 12/12/10 , edited 12/12/10
I second this. Especially since the announcement said premium member access by saying "all premium members can ...", which is just untrue for the hundreds or thousands of premium members in region-blocked countries.

And at least michana responds to feedback and adds the region information later (she did that for the Lucky Star and Melody of Oblivion announcement, and did that for that Musha-uta announcement on the same day it went up). keikawa still hasn't listed the region info for Ikki-Tousen, which was posted 26 days ago.
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