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Here is where the cooking room are. It is being used most by those in the club, but others can come in and make something if they want to. Its also chairs and tables here at the end of the room. That is because it be dangerous to sit to close if anything would happen. Just to let ya know Its a huge kicthen.

- Kiyoshi Soshi KukaiSoumaLover
- Mizuka Mori Kiss-and-Sell
- Fate Testarossa XxInnocentOfDarkness1234xX
- Aya iLoVeLifee
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Kiyoshi was standing in the kitchen. He was into making chocolate. He melt it and make it soft.
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Amethyst: *walks over to Kiyoshi* Hi, what are you making? *asks politely, at a loss for what food to make*
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He look at you. "I just make some chocolate cake, i train on decorating"
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Amethyst: okay, thanks *smiles happily and starts to make cherry pie*
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He continues to make his cake.
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*1 hour with pie in oven* "so what brings you here?"
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He look at her. "just wanted to make something for my gf" he smiles while he decorate the cake.
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*nods and smiles* "i bet she'll love it"
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