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Posted 12/2/10 , edited 12/19/10
If there are any animes or character that I forgot to add; or you want me to add; please let me know and I will update it! Thank you!


Miku Hatsune: ~OPENED~
Rin Kagamine: ~OPENED~
Len Kagamine: ~OPENED~
Luka Megurine: ~OPENED~
Kaito: ~OPENED~
Meiko: ~OPENED~
Neru Akita: ~OPENED~
Gackupo Kamui: ~OPENED~
Gumi Megapoid: ~OPENED~
Teto Kasane: ~OPENED~
Defoko: ~OPENED~
Momo Momone: ~OPENED~
Ruko Yokune: ~OPENED~
Haku Yowane: ~OPENED~
Ritsu Namine: ~OPENED~ ((Please make sure that you know that this is a boy!))
Black Rock Shooter (character): ~OPENED~
Miki: ~OPENED~
Lily: ~OPENED~
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