[KSitcom~2011] Real School
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Posted 12/3/10 , edited 1/14/11

Idols Dongho, Eli, and Ki Sub of U-Kiss have been cast for MBC every1′s special new sitcom, titled ‘Real School‘, for this coming 2011.

The trio will act in a 40-episode long sitcom series, for which they will transform into three high school students who board at an ‘English Village’ in an attempt to crack their fear of speaking English.

The sitcom is set to have a young cast to match well with viewers in their teens. The full cast includes U-Kiss’s Dongho, Ki Sub, and Eli, as well as Park Seul Gi, Do Ji Han, and Joo Da Young.

Maknae Dongho, who has had some experience in acting through his main role in the movie ‘The Villan of the Second Floor’, said he still feels nervous as it will be his first time acting in a TV series. “I’m looking forward to working in a different atmosphere to a movie set. I will do my best.”

Member Eli also has some past experience in acting, as he was once cast to act for a Thai drama series. He expressed that since he has past experience in acting in dramas, he feels burdened as a model for the other two members, however, he is nonetheless confident and is willing to try his best.

Ki Sub also revealed that he will put in all his efforts for his first challenge with acting.

The ‘Real School’ sitcom will air its pilot episode on January 10, 2011, and will be shown every day from Monday to Friday for a total of eight weeks.

Source: BNT News


The pilot episode is scheduled to air through MBC every1 on January 10th at 4:30 PM.

The story is set around an English village in Paju and features the idols scrambling to learn English.
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Posted 1/7/11 , edited 1/7/11
Lee Ki-chan, sit com comeback after 3 years

Singer Lee Ki-chan attempts at a sitcom after a long absence.

Lee Ki-chan draws attention as an all around entertainer who, for the first time ever plays a luxury 'A' class teacher' in MBC every1 "Real School".

This year marks a 15 years debut for Lee Ki-chan and positioned him a big senior in the world of singers. He plays a very smart teacher in charge of a class with only high ranking students.

Lee Ki-chan plans on accomplishing his role along with Kim Yeong-cheol, Park Seul-gi, and Chosinsung Kwangsoo, expanding his territory and showing off his attractions.

Lee Ki-chan said, "Sitcom's a first for me but thanks to the people on cast with me who have been encouraging me and advising me so I'm filming with joy".

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Posted 1/14/11 , edited 1/14/11
Screen caps for Ep1

Screen caps for Ep2

Screen caps for Ep3

Screen caps for Ep4

Screen caps for Ep5

Credit : [email protected]
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