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Posted 12/3/10 , edited 12/4/10

All that I include in my character, must be in yours. Make sure you RP, and no foul launguage. You can only make 2 characters per post. Thanks ^-^*Also, put your picture in a spoiler!*

Name- Olive Momoko
Gender- Female
Age- 13
DOB- December 25th
Personality- Outgoing, Funny, Hardworking, and smart. She can have a bad temper if you make her angry. Other than that, she is a nice girl who is fun to be with.
Other Info- She loves apples, and has a liking to school ^w^
Bio- Olive is a nice girl, with a very interesting past. She has a twin named Olivia. They were both born on december 25th, other known as christmas. Olive's mother basiclly spoiled the twins. Unfortunatly, thier mother got a new job in NYC, and they haven't had a christmas away from thier home..... not once. (They always spent x-mas with the whole family in their usual home in tokyo) Olive also has to go to the new school in NYC. What will her christmas away from home be like? The rest is up to the RP!

Her twin, Olivia
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