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Posted 12/3/10 , edited 12/4/10
i been rewatching the origonal naruto series episodes (before Hurricane Chronicles) and ive noticed something rather annoying.. people commenting about the 85 episodes after the main story arc and stating that they are not filler episodes and making hugely over glorifying the term to make it seem like they are not filler.

first off i though the way the series introduced those filler arcs at the best possible break in story was impressive as it did not abruptly cut the origonal story like in some seires. just cuz they were fillers doesnt mean you should not watch them as they were pretty intresting episodes and storylines. even if they basically halted progression of the cannon story material for 85 episodes.

if you look at the comments in some of those episodes you will notice people stating that they are not filler and even going so far as to state that no one knows what a filler is.

to those people i have to ask you to look up the term again. i found this on reguarding "what is a naruto filler"

A. an episode of naruto that doesn't really have anything to do with the story or the anime made it up and it isn't canon in the naruto manga

you can also get the same results from nearly infnite other sources.

the series Gintama in the fun parady fasion its known for clearly explains the general purpose for this. to space the anime behind the manga to prevent it from overlapping the story.

Anime like Naruto Bleach and any other that is based directly from the manga follows the storyline from the manga and if the anime catches up or overtakes it it can be a major problem. since the acual story is from the manga if the anime over takes it the only options are to create anime only non-cannon filler or to stop premeiring episodes untill more volumes are released. on the more popular shows the option of not airing untill material is released is generally a really bad option for ratings. thus the common use of fillers in a fasion to provide related materal seprate from the storyline while the storyline gains some distance.

all this said stating that the filler are not what they are is a rather impressive display of annoying stupididity. more so when saying filler episodes are not filler simply because its a anime and not the manga.

while the 2 can be seprate in the case of those that are animated versions of the manga saying that fillers in the anime are just the series being the origonal is just plain brainless.

now then as ive said before. just because its a storyline seprate from the main doesnt mean you shouldnt watch it. after all the amount of fan based series which are spin-offs are evident of how a person can like something as long as its related so something else they like.

but please stop those nonsense comments.

that said im going back to what i was doing when i finally had enough of the stupidity and made this topic... re-watching the filler arcs that made up 1/3 of the origonal naruto episodes(i was on EP 169 when i made this topic)

Posted 12/3/10 , edited 12/4/10
lol, you're basically just ranting.

I'm not a fan of fillers either =T

Back in '07-'08
I stopped watching Bleach in the filler Bounts Arc (Worst arc in any anime series)
And I stopped watcing Naruto after Naruto vs. Sasuke. The rest was all filler. Then came Shippuden which I never watched.

These two anime are infamous for fillers.

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Posted 12/3/10 , edited 12/4/10
yes i ranting lmao and if you stopped after bount saga (lmao) then you never saw the amagi or Zankataou tales filler arcs which ABRUPTLY start in the middle of the main arcs action.... the zanpaktou tales was kind of fun tho.
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