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Make your own Naruto character.
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is XD your pathetic laugh or is it what happens when you can't resist the silliness of the poor not?
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*Rolls eyes AGAIN* NO, it's a smiley! Like in Yahoo you idiota!!! -.-
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grasias, idiota baka
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Eres un estupido >:O Y no me diga que tu hablas español =.=
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i no estúpido, o de lo contrario no escribiría
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Ay, tu si eres estupido.
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es que yo, que es estúpido o es usted?
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TU! Yo no -.-
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not lol
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Well I feel like saying lol!
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i feel like saying XD and XD again
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Alright then.
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DawnAndAshForever wrote:

I did NOT come up with this idea. All the credit goes to the group: Aka! Aka! Akatsuki!! and to the creator of the group: eckz86.

If you sign up, you can use your character to fight other characters in the fighting forum we have here. (Fight with Honor)

Here is what you need to fill out:
First name of your character: Kagami
Middle name of your character:????
Last name of your character: Okachi
What Clan is he/she in?: Okashi
What village is he/she in?:Village Hidden in the Leafs
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Red
Any Kekkei Genkai?:
Skin color: same as hinata
Family: Brother: Sister: Liz Mother: Father: Grandfather: Grandmother: Uncle: Aunt: Best friend: (Only 1 best friend) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Have none Husband/Wife: And maybe, Daughter/Son: Have none
Chakra nature: Water, Wind, Lightning, Earth, or Fire. (You can only have up to 2 chakra natures UNLESS your character has a special ability. Lightning, fire
Weight: 112lb
Height: 5' 3
Main special ability or abilities: main special abilty: Using my triforce of courage fayore, with speed and fire and lightning with a special sowrd
About your character's past AND present: Past: family members but my sister were assaisnated by an unknown person i came home to see my whole clan dead. Present: my sister is on the dark side was taken in and saved her.
Your character's goal: avenge my clan kill the person who killed my clan
Blood type:???
Birthdate: 11/14/1997
Does your character have anything inside of them? (Like a Jinchuuriki or anything else)
Personality: shy/emo/cool/
And if possible, please upload a picture of your character. (Put the picture(s) in a SPOILER please)

Here's an example:

First name of your character: Kinuta
Middle name of your character:
Last name of your character: Uchiha
Age: 11 (Changes age constantly. Read the special ability how)
Gender: Female
What Clan is he/she in?: YOU CAN MAKE YOUR CLAN UP. Uchiha.
What village is he/she in?: Konoha (Leaf Village)
Hair color: Changes hair color depending on the weather.
Eye color: Changes color, but most of the time they are Cyan blue or gray.
Any Kekkei Genkai?: YOU CAN MAKE A KEKKEI GENKAI UP. Rizunégan (Only in right eye) Has the Mangekyou sharingan. Can use the Byakugan or Rinnegan if changes character.
Skin color: Same as Itachi.
Family: Brother: Kenji Sister: Unknown. Mother: Keniata Father: Itachi Grandfather: Madara (Great grandfathr) Grandmother: Unknown. Uncle: Sasuke Aunt: Unkown Best friend: (Only 1 best friend) Naruto Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None Husband/Wife: None And maybe, Daughter/Son: None
Chakra nature: Water, Wind, Lightning, Earth, or Fire. (You can only have up to 2 chakra natures UNLESS your character has a special ability. Water and Lightning.
Weight: 110 Lbs
Height: 5'4
Main special ability or abilities: Can travel through time. Can change into a different human.
About your character's past AND present: Past: She never knew her parents or siblings. (Or any other relative) She traveled everywhere with Sasuke and Kiggyuu. She constantly met Madara and picked fights with him. And one day when Madara saw Kinuta sitting down alone in Valley of the ends. Madara told Kinuta that Sasuke knew about Kinuta's family and that Kinuta should ask him. And later on that rainy and foggy day, Kinuta did ask Sasuke. While Sasuke wasn't sure what to say, Madara appeared again. Kiggyuu told Madara to go away, and when Madara told Kinuta about how her parents did love her and how it was all his fault that Kinuta's parents had to abandon her at age 4, Kinuta got extremely furious and just charged him him. (Kiggyuu had to sing Kinuta's favorite song from the music box just to calm her down and bring her power back to normal.) Sasuke then told Kinuta that Itachi wanted to talk to her. While Itachi was talking to her, he finally told Kinuta that he was her father. Kinuta was speechless, but then managed to ask who her mother was. Itachi brought Kinuta to her mother and they finally met. But After that, Madara and Sasuke had an intense battle since after Kinuta met her mother, Kinuta was kidnapped by Madara so he can have her tailed beast and her special Kekkei Genkai. Kinuta thought Sasuke had died, but then Madara finally told her that he was actually healing. While Sasuke was healing, Kinuta asked Madara about her family some more and why Madara threatened Itachi. Kinuta started to feel really bad but then starting joking around and being positive. Kinuta's positiveness actually brought back Madara's feelings again, which made him the good guy. Present: After Madara was a good guy again, Kinuta asked if there is gonna be a war. (Since there were rumors) Madara told Kinuta about Kabuto's plan, and then later that night, Kinuta had a nightmare. In the nightmare was Kabuto telling Kinuta that she has exactly 10 days to train and to get ready for the war. That morning when Sasuke was healed, Kinuta told Madara, Sasuke, and Kiggyuu about her nightmare. Sasuke mentioned that Kinuta's dreams to come true a lot, so in case, they had to train. Kinuta and everyone else went to the leaf village (Where everyone was surprised and shocked to see them again) to tell the hokage that everyone had to start training and preparing for the upcoming war immediately. Tsunade saw how Kinuta's face was so serious and actually did what she told her to do. Madara and Knives gave Kinuta two scrolls that would teach her how to summon all the tailed beasts. But before that, Kinuta needed to teach her best friend, Naruto, how to control Kyuubi. Kinuta actually made Naruto a master in controlling any tailed beast under 30 minutes. After that, Naruto and Kinuta started learning the Jutsu to summon all of the tailed beasts. They learned the Jutsu perfectly in only 3 days, and Kinuta learned over 60 different Jutsus in 1 day. Kinuta had to work on an experiment during some of those days. And finally on the 10th day, when everyone was fully prepared, the battle between Kinuta and Kabuto finally began.
Your character's goal: To laugh with full family and to create world peace forever.
Does your character have a habit of saying a phrase over and over? For example: Naruto tends to say "Dattebayo or believe it a lot of times and Deidara tends to say "Un" after almost every sentence. Kinuta says "Dattebane" a lot just like Kushina.
Blood type: AB
Birthdate: March 1st
Does your character have anything inside of them? (Like a Jinchuuriki or anything else) 11 tailed beast. (Kiggyuu)
Personality: Depends. But mostly, she's cheerful.
And if possible, please upload a picture of your character. (Put the picture(s) in a SPOILER please)

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