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Ecchi/Mature Anime What you think of them
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Posted 12/14/10 , edited 12/14/10

neogenesis10 wrote:

Even with all the ecchi fanservice in the world, an anime can still suck. I prefer to watch them for their story's more than their ecchi scenes, but im certainly not opposed to a little eye candy once in a while in my anime. To be honest though, there's no such thing as a 'mature' ecchi scene on Crunchyroll. Even those we do have are often the censored versions (Kohime Musou for example, damn that steam!) making me wonder why theres an option to display 'mature content' in video preferences.

Gantz was one of the few animes I found really disturbing. None of their missions seemed to have any real purpose to them besides mindless violence and it felt more like an excuse to draw gruesome scenes than any real plot. It had several very mature ecchi scenes, some bordering on hentai territory. I didn't really mind those scenes compared to the mindless violence driving the series. Perhaps the manga is a lot better (some explanation about what the heck was going on would be a start), but as I do not have a copy of it I can only judge by the anime, which falls by the wayside in my expectations.

God I am so glad to have read your post. I get so many references to watch Gantz, I watched something like the first 5 or 6 episodes and all it was, was pointless sex and gore. It had no driving story, no intellectually deep characters. It was just a whole lot of dirty fluff. I'm tired of people recommending it as a deep and interesting show when it's really not at all. I've seen porn with more depth than Gantz.
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