Any ody need SAT help
Posted 12/6/10 , edited 12/7/10
Well if you need SAT help please post i have FREE discount code posted below that takes a whopping $100 off the online program with

1st thing you need to do
go to Kaplan SAT online class for free online courses and enter the promotional code here to waive the $100 fee and the same goes for all the other courses available with their own codes:

PSAT Online class: code: KAS2P711
SAT Online Class: KAS2S711
ACT Online Class: KAS2A711

ALL EFFORTS MADE BY Sawlih Bacchus and i hope you guys benefitted from it..

Posted 12/6/10 , edited 12/7/10
If you have any problems feel free to quote me and reply to the post with your question..
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