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Why am I born? I asked this question so many times. Is it because I do not know my purpose in this world? Wait, just what kind of world am I in now? What is a name? Why do I not remember...

Travel back in time to the world of flying lizards and warring states and there was a legend of the First Dragon Hunter. Along with her mysteriously chosen partner, she rides the wind and death follows her every movement. The girl with only one goal which could lead the world to destruction if she still can't find an answer to her question - "Just who am I?"

Judgement Day close in for this world as the dragons and humans are close to clashing teeth and swords while the other beasts wait patiently to strike their own war. But someone is standing in the world and they want her dragged down to below the Earth. Who can she trust when even her own partner is scheming? And why doesn't she feel at home in this world? Read on to find out!

The huge traveller sneered at the cowering old woman. "Get up", he hissed. "You can't lie to me. A great sword like that one cannot be broken so easily."

"'...s tttrr.rru..ue.'t haa..have it It wwa..was ss...soold ttt..too sssome traveller with a hoo..hood," she stammered.

The traveller screamed in rage and the old woman cringed up. With a swing of his blade, the old woman fell limp among her selfish collection of valuable antiques. Dissatisfied, he stormed out of the pitiful house and burn it down to the ground with a flick of his fingers. Calling out to his small mode of transport, he climbed up onto his saddle and the wyern took off before the King's army moved in. From the way the witch described, that traveller seemed rather knowledgeable and strong. Even the broken pieces of the sword can still be powerful and its magic can only be seen by a powerful magic user. I will hunt you down...

Hunt 1

Hunt 2

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I read it <3 OwO
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thankies! posting again:

Hunt 3

Hunt 4

Hunt 5

Hunt 6

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Hunt 7

Hunt 8

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