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Posted 12/7/10 , edited 12/8/10
Ok every one to start off the group you need to make a character. This character will be used for RP, group forums, etc.
So here is the Things you need to list for your character:

User name:
Character name:
Male or Female:
D.O.B (date of birth):
Bio (if you want to):
Picture of Character:
Posted 12/7/10 , edited 12/8/10
User name:Dark_Demon_Angel
Character name:Kurai Tenshi
Male or Female:Male
D.O.B (date of birth):10/11
Bio (if you want to):Unknown past
Description:quiet and serous person who is mostly calm.Hate stupid and annoying people and being called emo.thats all you really need to know
Picture of Character:
Posted 12/8/10 , edited 12/8/10
User name: Yusei_13
Character name: Hiro
Male or Female: Male
D.O.B (date of birth): 9/10
Bio (if you want to): Unknown
Description: Serious, Calm, Caring, Close to his friends, protective towards his love ones
Picture of Character:

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