Christmas songs!
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Posted 12/8/10 , edited 12/8/10
Also if you like make a Christmas Avii! :D
Anyone one- I was thinking about grabbing every-ones main character
and making a group picture! :D

Anyways, you can write a poem if you like or make a avii
I thought it be fun :D
Ends Christmas Day.

Here is my poem~
Each year
I kept you so near
But this Christmas time
You decided I wasn't too dear.

So now
I'm left to ponder
To wonder
In the falling snow

I'm not sure if I'm just shy
Or why
You left me alone
But this time
I know
You and me should both go

But what if we found a mistletoe?
Would you just walk away?
Don't leave me; don't be afraid
Just stay
Let me have my way :)

Second one! (Not really Christmas)
I knew we were wrong.
When we were both appeared here.
And so randomly
I couldn't see
anything but what I wanted to be
you and me.

But now it wasn't suppose to matter
You were the past
You wouldn't return
Gone with the wind; fine by me.

I was nothing but a pretty face
Avoiding your mind
Slipping through the cracks.
We both had waved goodbye; we wouldn't change our minds.

We've fallen
So suddenly
but we know we can't be each others finer things
Yet we can't change our minds.
But I can still see what I wanted to be
you and me.

You were my love
And I was your heart breaker
Why don't we just get it?
You and me were, are history?

We both fallen
Yet, you forget me and I forget you
So why am I still stuck on you?
Standing here; I know it's wrong.
But suddenly; I don't care anymore.

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Posted 12/8/10 , edited 12/8/10
i tryed to make avii

...and a pic
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