Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
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Posted 12/8/10 , edited 12/9/10
I'm surprised to see nobody post about the new game from Project ACES coming out in February of '11. I'm on my PS3 so i'll make this brief. If you have time, watch the trailer if you haven't already, & tell me what you think about it. This is mainly for those who are strictly Ace Combat fans or those who seek a thrilling flight simulator. I have seen some people's jaws drop at the trailer, & some criticize about a couple things, for example, the barrel rolling helicopter & the fact that it takes place in the real world. Although there are some significant upgrades, such as the close-up cam on your gun as you shoot & the more dynamic camera angle close to your fighter which emphasises the experience. To add more, there is now drafting, controlling helicopters, mounting guns in the helicopter, ejecting from your jet, & most likely more they have yet to announce. Ah yes, I nearly forgot about the now destructible buildings, a personal favorite of mine.
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Posted 9/28/11 , edited 9/28/11
In my perspective it looks bloody awesome, I've watched the trailers and downloaded the demo on PS3 and I have to say, I like what I am seeing. Although it is a massive change from the traditional Ace Combat series that I know and love, I think Assault Horizon will do well. In comparison to other games like HAWX 2, I found that there is not as much freedom in movement of the plane, but in saying so the DFM is fantastic! In a sense, what HAWX 2 should have had. The slow-mo camera shots of destroyed planes and buildings are really satisfying along with the HUD in-game, I always felt that in the past Ace Combat games; there was just too much info placed on the HUD which in turn really distracted me, but in Assault Horizon its simplistic and realistic, and that's what I like. The helicopter mission was pretty fun but the controls/movement of the helo needed some getting used to, especially that pesky camera! In short its a game that I will be looking forward to getting.
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