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Konichiwa. I'm Kuma/Nadeshiko, 6th grader, I am 12 years old. you have to make a character, explaining why you want to be that character from Shugo Chara. There might be positions that didn't exist from Shugo Chara, so those are free. Anyway, Shugo Chara Middle School Life is about when the old Guardians (Tadase, Amu, Nagihiko, Nadeshiko, Rima, etc?) And the new guardians come:

Guardian Characters:
Character Transformation:

Positions that didn't exist in Shugo Chara:
Moon's chair:
Sun's Chair:
Heart's chair:
Spade's chair:
Clover's chair:
Diamond's chair:
Fortune's chair:

Positions from Shugo Chara:
King's chair:
Queen's chair: Kuma ( Nagihiko-Fujisaki-Lover )
Ace's chair:
Jack's chair:
Joker's chair: Sakurai ( animelover325711 )

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Name: Kuma
Age: 12
Grade: 6th grade
Guardian Characters: Akuma
Character Transformation: Watertic Storm
Etc?: Queen's chair, and in a relationship with Nagihiko

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Name: Sakurai
Age: 13
Grade: Seventh
Guardian Characters: Fin, Hikari, Nina

Pretend she's blue
Character Transformation: Fin;Omanari Angel Hikari; Omanari Rock Nina; Omanari Star

Etc?: Joker; Kukai's little sister; model/singer/actress
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