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Posted 1/6/11 , edited 1/6/11
Username: thedeathdevil
Name: Kazu
Demon or Angel: Devil
Placement: ...anything.. i dunno...
Age: 15
Weapon: Fangs...
Personality: Scary when needed, Funny, sometimes too serious, Out-going
Power: Can read minds when he concentrates, has a photographic memory but is able to forget anything painful for him... Has wings to fly but can keep them in when he wants to.. able to go to the Human World for some matters
Bio/History: Kazu was an orphan and grew up with the wrong company as he grew older. He accidentally killed one person during a gang fight and as his injuries were too serious, he died. After that, a huge black door opened and some bats flied out and he was somehow forced inside there. He soon became a Devil.

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