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Posted 12/11/10 , edited 12/13/10
Okay, I love YP, so I decided to make a roleplay~ Even though there are a lot, please consider about this one……

I just noticed everyone started to make a roleplay DX I was supposed to do it 3 weeks ago, but got lazy Sorry meheheh.

B: Ringo

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Posted 12/11/10 , edited 12/12/10
oh I wanna play

Name: Ringo Sakura Katō

Age: 14

Gender: F

grade: I don't know Middle school group B

History: She grew up in the city but every summer would go to her grandfather's farm and help him with the harvest. This farm was well know for its apples and Ringo grandmother having a sweet tooth would love make all kinds of sweets using these famous apples. Then tragedy struck, both Ringo grandmother and grandfather died in the same day they both died of carbon monoxide poisoning . Ringo devastated when she heard that both of them died, they were both a heavy influence in her life. After being depressed for long time she decided to try make one her grandma's apple pie to cheer her self up. In a complete fluke when she tasted it, it was just like her grand ma's and were instant to lifted into the good spirits, giving fond memories of them. That when her dream came to become a Patisserie so she make sweets to transport people to other worlds.

Specialty: sweets involving apples, making the best apples pies ever wants treat ingredients to the out most respect, so that they can shine.

Personality: is a bit a tomboy but has a bit a girlish side, and can act childish at times . But very Sweet and helpful.

Looks: about five tall, braided purple hair that is not short nor long. Eyes color Hazel wear clothes that are blue usually and Hates the color Pink.

Sweets spirit

Name: Cupcake
sex: F
Wears a yellow dress

Personality: Sweet but has a very short fuse, and is a bit clumsy but tries her hardest to help Ringo

Posted 5/24/11 , edited 5/25/11
Name:Deli -san

Age: 15

Gender: Female

orange hair and rough magenta (pinkish) eyes;
boyish/short hairstyle;
glossy lips
slight freckles;
very fit; athletic;
energetic, cheerful
Carries an inherited necklace

Sign: Aries

Class: Honors.

History: Borne from a very wealthy, large family, she is the youngest of them all. She is the chosen one to carry on an inherited necklace; a necklace that has been passed on for over a hundred of years. Her elder siblings, especially sisters, thus treat her unusually vicious. She's the only position in the family to ever step out of the education line for culinary; for, her family is very educated. Despite this conflict, her parents refuse to take away their daughter's dream of being the ' best Chef of the world' .

Specialty: of all desserts, she masters in chocolate. Her talent in culinary allows her to be interested every food element, as well as starch, protein, iron, etc.

Hobbies: Reading (food elements or cooking), Going outside to be active (yet she remains light-skin), socializing with friends, learning new skills, such as a new language, and playing the violin and piano, plus the clarinet.
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