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* Movie: Hero (movie 2010)
* About: Vampire, Fantasy, Action, Juvenile, Drama
* Hangul: 히어로
* Director: Kim Hong-Ik (김홍익)
* Production: Maru Incube
* Production Department: Kim Chang-man (김창만)
* Distribution: Mountain Pictures
* Screenplay: Kim Hong-Ik (김홍익)
* Editor: Park Gok-Ji, and Jeong Jin-Hee
* Cinematography: Kim Hun-Hee
* Art Director: Bae Eun-Su, and Park Jong-Beom
* Lighting: Park Hong-Yeon
* Martial Art: Kim Byeong-Oh
* Release Date: South Korea Theatrical Run 2010/11/18
* Runtime: 110min
* Format: 35mm Film
* Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
* Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea

~The Plot~

Sim-Dan gets bullied everyday in his school, becomes a vampire after an unexpected accident. After accepting this change, he saves a blind person who fell down on a subway track, thanks to his power. His story goes on air on TV news all over the nation, and many people start to call him a ‘Hero’. On the other hand, Sim-dan’s friends start to wonder about his power and dark force, appearing after a long sleep. He is after the girl he loves and people around him.

Josun Dynasty, in the middle of the great persecution of Christians, there were people who moisten their throat with the dead's blood. And time passes to 2010. A black sheep of class is bitten by a girl vampire, and then he becomes to have a miraculous power.

~Cast and Characters~

*Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I 김형규 As Sim-Dan (심단)

*Han Jeong-woo 한정우As Eun-seok (은석)

*Lee Da-in 이다인 As Mi-ah (미아)

*Han Ye-won 한예원 As Lee Yoo-RI (이유리)

*Kwak Min-ho 곽민호 As Cheol-seung (철승)

*Ri-ah 리아 As Ji-in (지인)

*Na Tae-joo (나태주) As Jeong-woo (정우)

*Son Jin-hwan (손진환) As Director of instruction section (교무주임)

*Lee Chae-eun (이채은) Female reporter (여기자)

*Jo Deok-jae (조덕제) Mi-ah's father (미아 부)

*Kwak Byeong-gyoo(곽병규) PE teacher (체육선생)

*Kang Eun-joo (강은주) Mi-ah's step mom (미아 계모)

*Song Won-yong (송원용) Priest (신부)

*Lee Kyeong-min (이경민) Male reporter (남기자)

*Lee Hyeon-woo (이현우) Chosun vampire (조선시대 흡혈귀)

*Kim Ji-hye (김지혜) Chosun vampire (조선시대 흡혈귀)

*Son Ho-young (손호영) Science teacher, Ga-hoo (과학선생님, 가후) - Cameo

*Lee Yeong-seok (이영석) Drunken customer (취객) - Cameo

Source : http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Hero_-_Movie.php


Source : http://www.asiandb.com/browse/movie_detail.php?code=7429


I wish there was more info about this movie. Like is it going to go into a international theater release, or will it be on DVD soon?

I know from what I read that it's already played in South Korea and some Asian theaters, and that's all I heard. Love to hear more since I LOVE vampire movies so much. I watched two teaser trailers, & a music video on youtube of it, and I really want to see it.

If anyone knows anything, pretty please write about it..Thank you so much for your time & and have a Awesome week ^^

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