Past your mail!

Posted 12/12/10 , edited 12/13/10
Rules are simple. Find mail from any site, CR, ect, or even your hotmails, gmails, ect, and past them into this game thread. Mail you past can be sent or received, doesn't matter.

You can censor the message as much as you want to leave out personal info, names, ect, and you can be selective of your privacy. So only post as much as you feel you are willing to make public. Also, please make the 'email' portion of your post in colored font.

I'll go first

January -, 2005;

Hey -------.. I know you are hurt. I wish you so much hope and love that
you get better soon. Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I wish you a very happy
one for you and the family you will be spending time with. I miss hearing
from you, so, please get better. I still have not, nor will forget about
you. *hugs and kisses*

--------- ------- -------------<----------------------> wrote:

sorry i have been gone way longer and yes i miss you, you never even sent so much as a good bye message i waited and waited in hopes you would return...and i hated you for going but its not your fault your to busy to be around not like it can be helped right ^^ well i am sad to see you gone oh and i am better from my injury but i have a permanent scar and i had an 8 inch screw in my arm it still herts from time to time but i can take it.

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