Ishinomori and Tezuka are the greatest of the great
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Posted 12/13/10 , edited 12/14/10
Does anyone else agree that the greatest mangaka is Osamu Tezuka? He is the father of anime and manga in the modern context. I find it upsetting that the media doesn't seem (at least in America) to give him enough adoration as Miyazaki. Miyazaki is one of the best but not the best. Other than the 60s-80s of the abysmally dubbed Tezuka anime and several manga titles getting critical attention, I think he is overlooked. Honestly, I find it somewhat insulting many people will have heard of Miyazaki but not Tezuka (I mean, in name. Those same people might have heard of Astro Boy but not the actual name of Tezuka).

The same thing is said of the man closest to Tezuka as though he were God would be Shotaro Ishinomori. Sure, his biggest to fame for the general public here seems to come from the Americanization of Power Rangers. Technically, he is not the creator but created the original Super Sentai idea that would be recycled in over 30 years of tokukatsu.

My real question is this: Not concerning how nice these two mangakas audience is here, but rather on the impact they had on anime/manga, aren't these two essentially the greatest? If we were form a company of all mangaka doing manga in the modern context (Around 3000 today), then Ishinomori would be the Vice President or President while Tezuka gets Chairman of the Board/CEO.
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