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Posted 12/13/10 , edited 12/14/10
So if you're a really dedicated fan or have crazily awesome connections which enable you to read the new chapters right when they come out, you must have read Chapter 168 of SKIP BEAT! right? ( Or time has passed already and I'm still stuck in the past) WHAT DID YOU THINK?? What do you think will happen on Chapter 169? Go into as much detail as you would like~~ I know there are awesomely creative people out there. I would tell you what I think is gonna happen but AP hw is keeping me from doing it (HOW DARE IT?!?!)Look forward to when Ch 169 comes out on ...hmm MrAZ would you like to jump in now and tell us when the next chapter will be out?
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Posted 1/1/11 , edited 1/1/11
HAHA okay sure I will

I think Ren still hasn't got over of thinking about his past and making the right choice: of whether to let go of his past or to move on forward... that nice cooking of his still gets on my nerves though.. I can't eat that meal with egg shells on it!
I guess the next chapter will still show us more of Ren/Kyoko conversations and hopefully this time Ren has made a right decision.
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