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Posted 12/13/10 , edited 12/14/10
Profile Request

1) Request only after your first one had been finished.
2) You must provide your own picture [We don't have time to go looking for one] or we will delete your request.
3) If you want change, just state so but please use the re-make or changed avatar at the end.
4) Never ever CHANGE the COPYRIGHT of the owner who made your graphic!
5) Be patient Please understand that mods/helpers also have a life. You can ask about your request when it is still pending.
6) Give high quality, big pics (it's better if the character is in whole body or most of it (big)
7) No manga pictures (black/white) or inappropriate pictures(ecchi, hentai & etc.)
8) DON'T post other requests here.
9) If we delete your request it's because was REJECTED/BROKEN the rule, so don't request that request again.
10) NO chatting at here.
11) Do NOT quote this post.


1. Picture(Not too small, high quality, in spoiler):
2. Text:
3. Decorations:
4. Extras:
5. Mod: (Which mod would you like to make your graphic? Or any mods?)
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