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Posted 12/16/10 , edited 12/16/10
-Every Teacher must present at least ONE Spar battle to an LM or the Dean, in order to get Credits.
-Any teacher can volunteer or apply to teaching at Sol Sinn K. Academy for Extra Credit. (This is for the teachers in the Lennox Group).
-Credits are used to stack up a Reputation for the Teacher. The more Cred.= A better Reputation.
For Students, Credits =Rising Status and/or an early graduation date.

** For Students and Teachers: You will have to be connected to your Student(s) that you'll train. It is important that you stay into contact with them. This is so you can arrange a schedule for your teaching or sparring sessions. Please notify them if there is a change in your schedule or set date for your Course.
**For Students; It is especially important that you try your best in everything you do. There may be some LMs that are willing to train and teach you RP or how to advance in it. However, the LMs do not like their time wasted. This is a warning.


Teacher Name: Mr., Ms., Miss, Dr., etc]


Years of Rp Experience:

Preferable RP Style: Ex: Para., Speed, S20, T1,T2, etc.

Example RP Post:

Classroom Size: [How many are you willing to teach?]

Teaching Style: [Only Spar, Exams, Written/Oral Presentation]

A student CAN report a Teacher if there teaching methods disrupt the Common Laws or our way of Society. Also if their teaching methods are considered unfair, etc.
-Sessions can take place on these Forums or on one of the three Chats.
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Posted 1/23/11 , edited 1/23/11
Username: x-Lennox-o-Zalera-x

Teacher Name: Miss Khloe, Khloe.

Age: Unknown.

Years of Rp Experience: 4-5.

Preferable RP Style: Speed,T2.

Example RP Post: [The female tilted her head as she stared down at the document before her, her own jade colored hues clouding over in what seemed like the emotion of boredom].

Classroom Size: Small-Large.

Teaching Style: Exams, Lectures, Group Activities.
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