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Posted 12/16/10 , edited 12/16/10
Before any Case is brought into the court room, it will be evaluated to see if it is worthy to breech the stands for Class B or if it has to go to Class A: Court (located on the Lennox/Zalera Clan grounds). Every person will have a Defense (Lawyer) or will defend themselves, depending on the Case.
If you are a Defense, please, do your Homework. Save any conversations that give you legal evidence and provide evidence and persuasion in the Court. Someone should not suffer or be tried unfairly due to your slacking off. It is possible that a student or graduating student will be chosen to defend you, IF you do not have a Defense in mind or the means to pay a Defense. A Student will defend and get "extra credit" or Points. The more Points earned= High ranking, Earlier Graduation Date.

Defenses announce their pay. Please, allow it to be reasonable.

Defense Application:


Defense #: 001

Username: xLolaBunnyx

Name: Miss Lola.

Payment: 2 Edits. (Invite/Join Group, Give 3 Photos, etc).

Education: (Student, Graduate, Major, etc).

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