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Posted 12/16/10 , edited 12/16/10

Corbenic, Mirage Coliseum of Heaven, was originally where gods would spar in their free time. Howeve, when God's Bastion and Sa'eer broke away from heaven, so did Corbenic. Corbenic became a coliseum that existed outside normal reality, allowing for participants to die without dying in reality. Occassionally, strange beings called Imagination Enigmas, doppelgangers, appear at Corbenic to do battle with participants. Who will be the ultimate champion? Only time will tell.

Legendary Weapons
Each writer has a designated weapon. If the writer wins a tournament, the writer's weapon will be unlocked and will be allowed to use that weapon anywhere. Each weapon has a distinct element or attribute.
lunerkatana's light katana: Lunar Katana
ShadowInTheNight's dark broadsword: Knight's Shadow
kashigan's fire handgun: Cash Gun
Codeman_Alpha's nature grimoire: Alpha Decoder
Candy_boy's earth club: Rock Candy
syphl's wind fan: Sylph's Fan
BlitzScythe's electric scythe: Blitz Scythe
kousagi's ice staff: Cold Sage
xxSirenexx's water trident: Sirenslayer
Doji_Azberic's metal rifle: K-9000 "Doji"
Kali-Yu's death scythe: Death's Call
Twins-Best-Friends' time dual daggers: Twin Ends
Imagination-Enigma's space whip: Epic Enigma
dmitrivalentine's memory spear: Forgotten Valentine
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