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Posted 12/18/10 , edited 12/19/10

I, too, have written my feelings in a letter. Please listen.

Since my debut, for almost 8 years, that I've laughed, cried, and been moved so much, now seems like something from a dream. I loved having so many concert tours.

During the two bus tours that I've done, my thoughts towards the fans became warm once more. In the rain, I got my first surprise from the fans. While watching a fountain show together with the fans, before we knew it, we were singing and dancing to Genki Pika Pika together. That sense of unity has become something that I will never forget in my whole life. Even just remembering it now, it's happy, to the point of being painful.

On the FIVE STARS radio show that I got to do with Gaki-san, I received a lot of warm messages and letters. Being an opening host, I received a lot of warm words, such as “I'm glad I supported Eri,” and “You make me happy.” All of it has given me power and support. Now I finally understand. I couldn't have come this far by myself. Frankly, before the graduation announcement, every day was really scary. But during the four months after the announcement, I've thoroughly felt the fans' warmth. I'm filled with gratitude.

And then there are the valuable memories with the members. Memories that I couldn't have made by myself. Even now, what I cannot forget are the rehearsals for the 2008 Spring Single Collection Concert Tour. We memorized 36 songs, many more than usual. Already completely exhausted, we did sit-ups in pairs. That time was really intense. Looking at dance pictures of that time when it was crucial to remember all the songs, everyone was checking even the smallest details like finger movements. This way, we were able to get it down perfectly. I remember when the rokkies got to participate and had a singing part for the first time. I was really, really glad. Rank isn't everything, but, as expected, something like getting an individual part...more than anything, just like us, the fans were happy, too. I was really moved. Thank you very much.

And, Tsunku-san. Thank you very much. I've been a Morning Musume for almost half my life up to now. I was really happy.

As for me, from now on a new battle begins. Having received power from everyone, I will do my best so as not to lose to myself or to everyone. In life, whoever you are, more or less, trials await. Without giving up, I intend to value myself and live a happy life. I think that each and every one has various thoughts, but by all means, let's do our best together.

I'm glad I was able to become a Morning Musume.
I'm glad to have worked with the members.
I'm glad I was able to meet the fans.
And I'm glad I was born as Kamei Eri.

Morning Musume, an eternal form of love, will forever and ever be my treasure.

2010 December 15
Morning Musume 6th generation member, Kamei Eri

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