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Chapter One.

Hayashi Akihiro tumbles off the bed. "Tsk, that hurt damnit.." Ruffles his brown hair and stands up. Yawns. Geh, its 5am in the morning.. And it looks like I cant go back to sleep. He thinks as he turns off his alarm clock set at its original time. "This is my first day of my second year of highschool.. My ass'll be kicked by my sister if im late again this year." Yawns again. I guess Ill just take a long walk around the town,Thought Akihiro. He lives by himself at the moment with his sister on vacation for another month or so. Walking near the empty construction site, wearing his untidy uniform, hands in pocket. Takes a deep breath and grins."I loove this kind of atmosphere !" Suddenly, he heard some kind of screaming that didnt sound human to his ears.He quickly covers them, thinking they would burst in any second. "What the hell is this..?"

Chapter Note; Ahah, ik, its short right? no worries, other chapters wont be this short. (I hope.) And some feedback is never a bad thing.
Character introduction; Hayashi Akihiro, 16 years old, second year of highschool, Main Character. Tall, Brown hair and dark brown eyes. A delinquent, if you havent figured that out by now. And dont worry, im imagining this guy pre good looking too. =]

Chapter Two.

After another 5 seconds or so, the screaming stops and Akihiros ears are still ringing. He then suddenly hears a little chuckle from above him. "What a morning!" saids a girls voice. Akihiro looks up above beside him, forgoten the scream, and there he sees a girl with black hair that goes down to her shoulders and brown shining eyes. She was sitting ontop of the street lights next to the gates of where the construction was held. She was pretty attractive and seemed like the everyday attractive teenager but... "Hey, little girl... just what.. Are you doing ontop of the street light?! How did you get yourself up there anyways?!" Offended, the girl yells back, "I am NOT a little girl!" Akihiro rolls his eyes and lets out a little sigh then chuckles, "C'mon, just jump, this big brother will catch you. And dont worry, I wont be wanting to peek at the kind of underwear you wear." For a second, the girls face looked like she wanted to strangle him, then her expression changed from that to worried , to a I give up kind of face. She then slid down from the trunk of the lamp post. "I said I would catch you, what if you hurt yourself from doing that?" Looking irratated she says, "Like I said, I am not a little girl. I am 16. 16 years old, second year in highschool. If im still a little girl to you, then your an old man." The girl sticks her tongue at him. Akihiro thinks to himself, the same age as me huh...Then got a sudden realization. "By the way.. that scream.. Did you hear it?" he asks the girl. She looks at him with a stunned expression. "You... heard that...?" And then there was a second screeching scream.

Chapter Note; Sometimes I wont have any thing to say because I want you to figure out by reading further chapters instead.(same with the character introduction) But if you have a question, comment.
Character intro; The girl who appears in this chapter, is still a mystery. She has black glossy hair that goes down to shoulders and light brown big eyes.Average height of a teenage girl her age.

Chapter Three.

Akihiro quickly covers his ears and grinds his teeth, looking back to the girl beside him. Expressionless, in her own world where only her and the sound existed. She stood staring straight ahead into construction site behind the gates where the noise came from. The screeching scream stopped and she gave a cruel smile. Before she could dash to where the noise was coming from, Akihiro quickly got a hold of her arm. The girl looked like she snapped back to the world where he stood beside her. "Let go of me!" A panic look came over her face. Akihiro yelled, "Tell me whats going on!" Ignoring his request, she screams back at him. "I said let go before-!" Her voice was cut off by another screech. But this time, right behind them.

Chapter Note; Dangit.. It ended short... again... - -"

Chapter Four.

Akirhiro quickly turned his head to see what it was. The screaming again stopped as he looked at the creature before him. The creature stood on 4 crab like legs and had 3 snake heads; it also had 8 glowing red eyes on each head with claws for hands and a scorpian tail. This creature was 8 feet big and was completely black; exept its red eyes and the blood it was covered with from a hole through its chest. The monster raised its stinger (tail) and lashed at them. Thankfuly it missed both of them but grazed the girls sweather enough to reveal the number "27" printed on her arm. Akihiro started sprinting from the creature, dragging the girl behind him. "Let go...." She whispered. "I can handle it.." He looked back at her. "Are you out of your mind?! What is that thing?! It almost killed us both! " She glanced up. "A deceit. A creature made of misfortune. Something you shouldnt be able to see. And.. my target..." She gave a small smile as she whipped her arm out of his grasp and turned to face the creature that came after them. It was a few meters away from where she stood still. The creature lifted its stinger a second time, ready to pierce it through the girls body. Akihiro had a hard time getting everything that happened the last 5 minutes through his head. He thought to himself.. This is impossible... But how can he doubt it with the cold air chilling his body, the stench of the demons breath making him believe it was real enough for reality. And without thinking, just by instinct, he jumped infront of the girl. The next thing he knew, he felt something warm and sticky. The stench of blood.. He looked down where he saw the stinger placed in his chest.

Chapter Five.

Akihiro woke up with a shock, feeling where the stinger peirced his chest. He was laying in his bed in his own bedroom. No wound. He sat there for awhile, mind blank.. After a minute or so, he glanced at his clock, 8:50. "Shit! What was I doing?! My sisters going to beat me to a pulp!" He then quickly changed into his uniform feeling like hes forgotten something important. But whenever he tried to think of what it was, his head began to spin and decided to give up. The school bell rang to signal the end of the day, while Akihiro just got out from another lecture from a teacher. As he walks out of the teachers room, he ruffles his hair. Damnit.. what am I going to say to my sister.. He arrives outside the school as he sees three his close friends, coming to approach him. Kobayashi Eiji, the quiet tall and big masculine type black hair brown eyes. Many students in the school fear him for his looks and the intense atmosphere around him. But the intense feeling he gives off his only that of his shy personality and his will of consantration. Nakamura Noboru, the lone wolf and the calm one. Hes pretty eye catching for his blonde hair, blue eyes and the three piercings on his ear and the other accesories he wears on his fingers and neck. Hes a nice guy and pretty good looking too, but if your on his bad side, he wouldnt hesitate to even hit a girl. Yoshida Arata. Long brown hair and brown eyes. A trouble maker indeed but a little bit of a coward with ridiculous humour and personality.

Chapter note; Well, if you get confused by anything, just comment and ask.
Character Into; I think I already explained enough about the 3 friends of his for now.

Chapter Six.

"Oi, Akihiro, whats up with you today? I heard rumours around the school saying that "Number One" (Fighter, not the grades. Ill explain later) wasnt himself today." saids Noboru. Akihiro sighs and saids, "Give me a break, Ive been lectured the whole day and my heads been spinning since morning." Arata gives him a look of pity, "So you skipping out on my treat to dinner today? If so, im completely fine with that." Akihiro gives off a creepy laugh, "Oh hell no, a deals a deal, your treating us to dinner today if we all werent in the same class." "Seriously? Im going to be flat broke after this.. Eiji, help me out here.." Eiji gives him a little shrug. Noboru hits Arata on the head, "Dont get others to help you in your situation here." By the time Akihiro gets back, he goes to sleep for his head didnt get any much better.

Chapter Note; Im going to start putting [ ] when the characters thinking something, instead of going, thought _____. and same to when they talk, i dont like putting the whole, said and thought thing. "The Group of Four" is the story of how the four friends meet. Click spoiler.

Chapter Seven.

The next day, Akihiro arrived at school and sat down at his desk. "Morning Hayashi-san." Akihiro looks up to see Abe Chinatsu, a classmate he had from last year. "Morning.." She sits next to him. "We have a new student I heard, cant wait until I meet her!" Akihiro leans back in his chair, "Thats good to hear. Class is starting now. You should go sit at your desk." She stares at him blankly. "This is my desk, you were dozing off yesterday so you probably dont remember. Is there something wrong?" He looks at her, "No.. sorry, my heads been spinning these days." He closes his eyes and the teacher comes in with a girl, "Class, this is Tanaka Yuriko. She would have came yesterday, but due to some issues, she could only make it today." Akihiro opens his eyes to see the new girl called Yuriko.. A girl with Black hair down to her shoulders and light brown eyes... It felt like he met the girl he saw in his dreams once, but it was hazey and his head started pounding, but he knew it was important... Thier eyes met. And he remembers... what happened that morning. Akihiro clutches his head in pain, head throbbing, enough to not know whats going around himself. Yurikos face looked panic for a split second which was hard to catch, but reverts back into a smile. "Teacher, the student near the window.. he looks almost as if hes in pain.." Should I take him to the infirmary? I could also see whats where in the school if I take a little trip." The teacher looked uneasy... "Your very kind but theres no need.. Sighh, okay please take him down for me."

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