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Ryosuke Yamada: No matter how many times you hear them, it’d be nice if you could enjoy the song’s lyrics. Thanks to this song, whatever countries I go to in the future, it seems like I’ll be able to say “thank you”!
Yuri Chinen: First of all, I recommend that you listen to the song without looking at the lyrics! Then I think that you’ll definitely be surprised when you {see the lyrics after} and think: “oh, it was that phrase!”
Yuto Nakajima: When I sing this song, I feel true feelings of gratefulness to the whole world. The PV is also super full of feeling, so everybody please check it out!
Ryutaro Morimoto: This single is totally dancing style. The tune probably isn’t very JUMP-like, but the lyrics of “Arigato” definitely express our feelings.
Daiki Arioka: I think that if you just listen to the words the song is cool, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, they’re really interesting. I was the first person to know what “merci” {“thank you” in French} meant, yo.
Kei Inoo: The lyrics are really complicated, so we had to work hard to memorize them up until the day of the recording (smile). I want to feel lots of “thank yous”.
Hikaru Yaotome: Even though it’s a dance number, I think that the choreography is difficult to follow, and it might be elusive. So if you just listen and get footloose, if you follow along freely, it’d make me happy.
Kota Yabu: The dance to this song makes you breathe hard, but it’s more than just the dance, in the song we’re aligning everybody and using all of ourselves. The lyrics are also interesting.
Yuya Takaki: Within this flashy pop song, there are serious lyrics that say “thank you”: it makes an unexpectedly messy match. The dance is also hard, so you get to enjoy three kinds of songs inside one song.
Keito Okamoto: This song has the word for “thank you” in languages from all over the world in it, so when you listen to it you’ll be studying other languages (smile). It’s the first time that I heard the word “mutashakkiru” (it means “thank you” in Arabian).

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