Bloody Monday/Bloody Monday 2
Posted 12/20/10 , edited 12/21/10
Ok, this is a manga about terrorist organizations, and it's about a hacker named "Falcon." Basically, "Falcon" helps an organization to stop terrorist organizations/events.

Synopsis off of Wikipedia:

A Russian spy is found murdered in Japan, with the only clue to the reasons for his death being a memory chip he managed to hide from his murderer. The Third-I branch of the Public Security Intelligence Agency recruit Fujimaru Takagi, a brilliant hacker known as "Falcon", to decode the chip, which contains a video file documenting a viral outbreak in Russia where thousands are killed, known as the Christmas Massacre.

Things become further complicated when Fujimura's father, a high ranking official within Third-I, is falsely accused of murdering his superior when he receives further information related to the Christmas Massacre, and the code name "Bloody Monday".

The terrorist Maya Orihara, who was responsible for the incident in Russia, is now in Tokyo in order to recover the memory stick to stop Third-I from knowing the truth of a terrorist plot in Japan. She goes under cover as a teacher at Fujimaru Takagi's High School. From there it becomes difficult for Fujimaru to determine who he can trust as he uses his high-level hacking skills to try and save the country and unravel the mystery of Bloody Monday and the cult behind it.

I am reading this, and it gave me a lot of headaches. There's a lot of plot twists too.

Bloody Monday 2 focuses on about the same thing, but with new terrorists, and antagonists.
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Posted 12/21/10 , edited 12/22/10
I love Bloody Monday! It's a pretty interesting series.
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Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/29/10
The first season was great....but the second sucked
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Yeah i loved the first season was good, second not doing so well, its just the same story line as the first one just in a different context.
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