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Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/11/08
IMO its Crunchy > Veoh > Youtube

1) Crunchy is very organized
2) Veoh has a lot of anime, BUT not very oganized.
3) YouTube deleted most of the anime so its harder to find the ones u wanna watch.
Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/11/08
no vs thread
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Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/12/08

queenetna wrote:

Crunchyroll is a sterotype because they wouldn't let people upload from due to the file format(high quality) also Raw files they sometimes have enlish audio in them. I find it better to watch them first to see if a series worth watching.
We should be allowed to upload both onto plus it's safe for you're PC than Torrents(no viruses either)

Are you even aware of what a stereotype is? Because your usage in your statement makes no sense, whatsoever.

CrunchyRoll has no bias for where you upload your videos... you can upload on any network you like, and CR will allow your uploads, so long as the videos follow the following criteria:

1. They are not licensed
2. They are Asian videos
3. They are not subtitled by a fan sub group that does not allow their subs on CR
4. They are PG13, or if they contain scenes of graphic nature, are rated with an appropriate label
5. They are not duplicates

If for any reason you don't understand why a certain video of yours was not approved, please contact a Media Moderator or post on the Why your video was not approved thread.

~ Locked
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