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Ok I don't what episode number it is, but there was part an episode where Maya dresses up as the the Crimson goddess talked like her (I guess) and then all of sudden their naked ...and then join hands ...and Hayami faints ...WTF?!
My guess is their souls merged ...or something, but why did Hayami faint? Is because Maya souls is stronger than his seriously What the hell happen?! Below is a picture of the scene

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This synopsis from the manga might better help you understand. They portrayed this scene in the anime, though appears to occur in a slightly different order than the last episode of which that screenshot is from.

Synopsis (

Two souls meeting.

After the play, refreshments were served in the valley of the red plum trees. Maya is daydreaming about "Kurenai Tennyo" in the backstage area. She wonders if her soul mate is Masumi Hayami... That would be a dream...
She puts on Kurenai Tennyo's kimono and she dances next to the thousand-year plum tree. Suddently many red plum blossoms float in the air.
In the meantime, Masumi Hayami is wondering if there is a soul mate for him. Suddently, the air is painted with a red fog... For a moment, he sees the Crimson Goddess! Maya is in front of him, with a blooming branch of red plum tree in her hand. A river runs between them, so they cannot get close to each other. Maya would love to confess her love to him; she uses Akoya's words:
That day, when I met you for the first time in the valley... I understood immediately that you were my soul mate [...] There is no age, appearance, social status... When they meet, those two souls attract each other, looking for the other half of themselves, eager to be one, madly desiring the other half... This is falling in love... Please... Leave your name, your past, be only mine, my love...
While saying those words, Maya prays that her purple rose fan will answer her, that he will reveal his identity... She holds out her hand to him... Masumi doesn't understand what is happening. He holds out his hand to her... Their bodies can't reach, but their souls meet... They sweetly embrace for a moment...
My love... We were separated, but now we are one...
It lasts just a moment, but both feel as if they have really embraced. Was it an illusion? They really felt each other's warmth... Masumi heard Maya calling him: my love... They keep staring at each other, without saying a word.
Hayami san... If you only crossed this river... If you only...
Someone calls Masumi's name... It's Shiori, whose perfect timing ruins the atmosphere... Maya hides... Masumi and Shiori go away arm in arm... Maya wonders if it was just an illusion... No! It can't be! It was a connection between two hearts! Who knows if Masumi felt the same?
Masumi wonders if it was just an illusion... Anyway...
I didn't cross the river... If I only had had the courage to cross it and get to the other side... If I only had had the courage...
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