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Who is more beautiful: men or women?
Posted 12/21/10 , edited 12/22/10

Mushroomfight wrote:

Don't think that I'm tranny.

That's too bad.

What bad in it?

We can't fuck now.

so you would do it with tranny? not with girl? are you gay?

ps. - fuck off, finally.

I would fuck a tranny and a girl.
Just not a dude.


That means you are bi, because trannies had the same ass like dudes had.

i said f off.

Ah, but I said good trannies.
Like, you can't tell they're dudes from the face.

Still with a cock though.


stop cursing on me and I'll stop cursing on you, you was first, you called me BITCH. Everybody seen it.
What bad I've done to you when i said that men are more beautiful than women? i offended one of your slutty hoes or what?

By bitch, I meant the general term for a woman.
And I guess you could've offended yourself, but I dunno about my other slutty hoes.
I keep my stable pretty tight.

You can call other like this but not me, be careful with your words fucker.
You can keep you stable pretty tight but also hold your tongue and keep your fingers away from writing such replies to whom you don't know.

Would I be right to assume that you are mad?
Posted 12/22/10 , edited 12/22/10
Kind of hypocritical seeing that the OP is a girl. How sad.
Thread is pointless and frankly, pathetic.
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