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Seitokai no Ichizon/Student Council's Discretion & Demonbane launches!
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Posted 12/25/10 , edited 12/26/10

Blackthornhiei wrote:

Ok... so just because I don't live in either North America nor South America, but actually in the little piece of land called Central America that is between North and South, I can't watch ANY of the series listed?

I know the region is small compared to both North America and South America, in fact, my country is the smallest in the freaking continent! But this is so ridiculous I can only laugh instead of getting angry.

*sigh* Oh well. Venting is done. *goes back to watching what it legally available*
If its a nation of Central America, it is supposed to be included ~ say that there is a problem at the feedback forum and be sure to say which country. Sometimes they make a mistake and leave out a country code.

The only exceptions would be territories of other countries ~ so if Netherlands misses a title, the ABC islands miss a title, and Guadaloupe and Martinique miss out all the anime that the independent nations of the EC get to watch.
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Posted 7/14/11 , edited 7/14/11
i love this anime! <3
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