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Posted 12/22/10 , edited 12/24/10
Hello everyone!^^
I made this group for a reason, so I might as well start it

Summary: Long before people lived on Earth, the official planet that was full of life was the Moon. The Princess of the Moon wasn't only just a princess; she was the warrior of it as well. As the Moon thrived and gained many friends from other planets nearby, another planet, called "Chaos", was starting to make itself known. With the only living beings that were monsters, aliens, and other creatures that many people feared lived on the planet Chaos, the Moon(Main planet) and the other planet had Human beings, the essence of the universe. As the planet Chaos' jealousy continued to grow, they soon planned their attack, and the inhabitants of the Moon and all other planets were killed and the planets destroyed.
Slowly, Earth's population has started to grow.

500 centuries later

Aya Sukomi is a 17-year-old high school girl stuck in a horrible life at home. She was an orphan; her parents were murdered before she had come home, and none of her family members wanted to keep her. As her heart's slowly starting to grow darker, the only thing that's keeping a light in her heart is her new-found-friend and student, Ituko Takashi. When monsters start to invade Earth from a new planet called Chaos, Ikuto surprises Aya when she's told that she's the "Warrior of the Moon", and is the only one that can save the Earth.

However, will things go as they plan, or is there a secret that's keeping things harder to bear?

Okay, the story is DEFIANTLY better than how the summary is if it got you bored

Chapter 1 should be coming soon! XDD

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