Dutch/Flemish Music?

Posted 12/23/10 , edited 12/23/10
since Im a huge lover of European music *alot of dance and Pop* Im curious to know if there are anyone other then me here who loves Dutch music, what songs? and what artists? it can be any genre ^-^ as long as its Dutch or Flemish

mine are >.>

Djumbo <3 there just adorable! I love Boya Boya Bay, Boy I Lika Ya and Calling <3

K-3 <3 the Spice Girls of Holland and Belgium I like: De 3 Biggetjes and Kusjesdag

Kabouter Plop Dx dont laugh at me, I know this is for little kids but I like them! there Catchy, the songs I love is: Ganzenpas

Gebroeders KO alot of my friends think there annoying 8'P aw well, I dont care, XD there cover Boten Anna is okay(I like Basshunter's better though) and Duiken in de zee X3 lol
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