Bleach Ep 14, confusing?
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Posted 12/23/10 , edited 12/24/10
I'm new to bleach and have recently watched episode 14. But I didn't understand it very well.

Quincy kills Hallows completely. That unbalances what? The souls in the human world and soul society? Im I wrong

Ichigo, he is special because? His spiritual power is always at max and it does burn out? Am I wrong?

Please correct me, thanks in advance!
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Posted 12/25/10 , edited 12/25/10
ok this is a bit difficult to answer but I'll try my best. Quincy kill Hallows soul and all, when a Hallow is killed by a Soul Reaper/Shinigami (which ever you prefer to call them) they are either sent to Hell or return to the cycle of rebirth. since Quincies destroy the soul that means no soul no cycle of rebirth a shortage of soul going to the Soul Society and an overstock of souls leaving.

Ichigo is special, you find out in the newest episodes so I don't wan't to spoil it for you. anyways, he has a large reserve of spiritual power that he has little to no idea how to control so he just doesn't, my theory is that if he tried to hold it back it might cause damage to his human body probably like putting too much air inside a balloon. he says that he's always at max because he doesn't really know what his max is, if he was always at max power than he would burn out eventually.
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