~The Chain of Command ~
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~ The New Gotei 13 Current Leadership ~

This list was updated 03/31/2011.

Group President Rai-Kage

Captain- Commander Somilge

Captain- Moderator(s)


The New Gotei 13 Chain of Command Structure

Group Founder

This is the Founder of The New Gotei 13. This isn't really a rank per se...more of a title. He doesn't have more power or more privileges over the Group President. He's just the guy who made the group. However, he may assume command of the group if the President retired, or somehow cannot lead otherwise. The current Group President must be in agreement though. There is only one Group Founder and that is the CR user named Rai-Kage.

Group President

This is the President of The New Gotei 13. Technically, this is the highest rank in TNG13. Any final decisions come from this guy/gal. If a incident cannot be resolved and somehow makes it's way to the president's ear...he/she will be the final hammer that decides what goes and what doesn't. He or she will represent TNG13 as the President of the group. However, if the Group President wishes to make a drastic change to the entire group, it is his or her responsibility to speak with the Group Founder beforehand and both parties must come to an agreement first before doing anything. In order for somebody to be the Group President, he/she must be approved by both the former Group President and the Group Founder/ They are usually picked out from Captains or Captain- Moderators who've demonstrated exemplary leadership, responsibility, trustworthiness, and respect.

Captain- Commander

This is the Chief Enforcer to the Group President. He/she makes sure the standards, requirements, and rules are always upheld by all members of the group. the Captain- Commander is also in charge of the role-playing that takes place in this group. In the role-playing scene, the Captain- Commander is the highest rank in the Gotei 13. Therefore, while role-playing, this person has the final say in everything. Captain- Commanders are personally selected by the Group President only. Captain's Meetings can only be called for and scheduled by the Group President or Captain- Commander.

Captain- Moderator

These are the Moderators or high-ranking "staff officers" of TNG13.They usually do the modding, disciplinary actions, and the various other jobs that are required in order to maintain this group. Without Captain- Moderators, TNG13 will not be able to function properly. Moderators are the eyes and ears of the Chief Enforcer and Group President. Captain- Moderators are personally selected by the Group President only. They also outrank Captains; as such, they should be respected in that regard.


These are the Division Captains of each of the Thirteen Divisions of TNG13. Each Captain is a commanding officer of his/her respective divisions. They are also considered be the "group's officers". Division applications are reviewed and approved by the Captain of the Division you are applying for. All division members directly follow the orders from their Division Captains. Captains are given the responsibility and privilege of having a "Division Office Thread" as well as the job of maintaining their division in order for it to remain active. Any Division matters SHOULD BE firmly decided by the Captain of said Division. Captains are also required to attend Captain's Meetings whenever they are called for, as well as show respect to their colleagues.

Vice- Captain

These are the Division Enforcers in each of the Thirteen Divisions of TNG13. They are the second-in-command of the Divsion and answer directly to their Captain. Their responsibilities mainly require them to keep a watchful eye on their Division as well as to take over whenever their Captain is not around. Vice- Captains are also given the privilege to conduct their own Vice- Captain's Meeting. The Vice- Captain of the 1st Division is the only one who may call for and schedule a meeting. It is the duty of a Vice- Captain to be at his or her Captain's side...always.

Seated Officers

These are your Shinigami Division Officers who have graduated from the Academy and are officially members of The New Gotei 13. Each Division maintains at least 20 seats. The highest rank being the 1st seat (Captain) and the lowest being the 20th. The top 3 officers (Captain, VC, and 3rd Seat) in each divisions are the only ones who are allowed to have a Bankai release of their zanpaktous. Each Seated Officer must do their part in contributing to the group and community. Seated Officers are the core and heart of TNG13, without them...the group is nothing. It is the duty for all Seated Officers to follow the commands of their superiors and maintain a fun, active role-playing environment within the group.

Academy Student

An Academy Student is a fresh new recruit to the group. It is their duty to find the division they wish to join, and apply for it through the simple application process; given that they are willing to abide by the group rules. By default, this is the rank granted to everybody who just joined the group. There are no special privileges attached to those who have attained this rank.

TNG Officer (Ret.)

Retired Gotei Officers. They were formerly a member of The New Gotei 13 but have retired. They are still to be respected and to be treated with dignity, more so if that retired officer was once a high ranking officer in the group. Retired Officers are allowed to re-apply for group membership at any time. However, they will start from the beginning no matter how high of a rank they held in the past. Although, in some special cases and depending on the situation, this rule can be overlooked.
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