From Biodiversity to a pile of Shit: the vaule of sustainable agronomics
Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/27/10
In the wake of a global food crisis, who would've thought that our food production in developed countries has the controversial and ironic outlook of overproduction and waste, of both unnecessarily overqualified and unqualified food sources. I just came across this idea: can we derive a cultural agronomical worth on animal feces? I mean we're looking at a resourceful and sustainable nourishment for enriching Earth's soil, while the enrichment process is generating bio-fuel as an alternative energy source. The market should quite literally eats this shit up, and pay good money for its shit.

I mean heck, we've tried just about everything to make money out of nothing. So why not on a pile of shit hole?
Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/27/10
Manure is profitable. From sewer factories offering human waste for farms to simple cow dung, poop is in its very essence the source of what we consume. One could derive that all living things are shit, and to shit we return to nourish further generations of shit.

May the shit be with you.
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