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Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/27/10
What this is for.

You can sign up for a Private RolePlay if you want only you and a certain person or a few more
to roleplay privately, as in only you guys can get in. No one else can read it, or roleplay in it other than you guys.
If you already started a Private RolePlay and you want to add another person in, please PM me.


Please do not enter a private roleplay or read, post in a private roleplay that you are not supposed to be in.
Yes, you may do any roleplay you want.
You can use any character in the private roleplay, even if it's a character taken from an anime.
The limit in private roleplay is 5 people.
Yes you may use pictures during the roleplay, but please put them in spoilers.
Also the part that you quoted please put it in spoiler.


Members in the Private RolePlay:
Theme of the roleplay: [You don't have to put it, only if you don't want to.]

Private RolePlay List.

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