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Chapter 1: Italian Pacifist

Oh, and my wonderful OC, Rima Cavallone has jet black that reach up to her mid back, pale skin, about an inch shorter than Gokudera, soft green eyes, and she loves white and milk chocolate plus She's 13 years old. She works for the Varia as the cloud guardian and is the same age as Fran (no one know what Fran's exact age is, but he does call Bel senpai so he must be younger than him! So I assume he's twenty-three in the future arc and hence is thirteen in this one). Oh! And her box weapon is a little white tiger thats still an adorable little gnawing cub! Btw this is my mini rant: the title makes no sense at all, but oh well, I have title-maker block, and it clearly says that the ring conflict has been settled out, but it still has some of that ring battle essence here so you'll just have to bear with me.

Warning: I don't own anything, except my lovely Oc! And it's also a bit OOC {O3O} rawr; kitty tiger eats you; And AU.
Rima P.O.V

Somewhere, in the authors messed up universe…

I stare out from the window of my class; the same old bored expression on my face. Hi, my name is Rima Cavallone, Dino Cavallone's little sister and I go to the same school as Haru Miura, Midori Junior. At the time, the lesson was History with Mr. Kurogami; the most boring lesson with the most boring teacher in the world. I sighed and took another glance out the window. I looked at the nearly empty streets of Namimori, the only thing that passes by are either the cats or some random butterflies, then down at my uniform. It was a white shirt with a red plaid skirt and a black sweater on top. Sometimes I wonder if it's just the principal has bad taste in clothing, or it's just to save up on cash, that damn cheapskate.

Anyway, I couldn't quite figure out how my best friend was Haru; I mean, we're polar opposites; I'm usually quiet and not so preppy, while Haru is loud and extremely preppy. I don't get it. So, I know all about Haru's love triangle with Tsuna. So, Tsuna Likes Kyoko, Haru likes Tsuna, Kyoko likes God knows who. The teenage life is very difficult, really, Love Triangles, zits, actually caring about your weight, and mafia life. Ok, maybe that last one is not dealt with most teens my age, but it happens to innocent little me, and Haru, Kyoko, Tsuna, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Gokudera…

And worst part of it all is the fact that I'm a part of the Varia. I work as the Cloud Guardian replacing Gola Mosca, and even worse than that I am the youngest member. And it's annoying when Belphegor calls me 'Princess' or 'Riri-Hime'. Just who the freaking hell does he think I am? Definitely not his Princess, it could be Lussuria for all I care, that stupid, fake, fallen prince…

So anyway, I waited patiently for school to end everyday just to go home to six psychopathic, messed up, crazy, delusional, perverted criminals (well, maybe with the exception of Fran, who appears to be nearly as sane as me). As far as I know, I'm the one who usually keeps the peace at the mansion, besides Lussuria, that is. Gah, I hate fighting. I don't know how I got all caught up in this little charade. Like the other Varia members I have grown to call 'family', I didn't need to train, just get some of my weapons, and relax. Like I care if I'm three years younger and maybe a bit weaker than whom I'm up against.

~ Later in the weeK~

The first ring match is my somewhat best-guy-friend Lussuria against the overly extreme Ryohei Sasagawa. Of course as 'family' I'd be rooting for Lussuria, even if he's a gay guy that takes (sometimes forces) me to go shopping and try on dresses with him. All in all, he's a fun guy to hang out with. I watched at the side lines along with my family and the Vongola. Squalo told (screamed at the top of his lungs) me to bring my glasses. For what, he never did tell me. But I was pretty sure I was going to find out.

Lussuria and that Sasagawa boy stepped into the Sun Ring, and Lussuria disposed of his jacket while Sasagawa disposed of his shirt, leaving him bare for Lussuria to feast his eyes on Ryohei's abs. Then Lussuria made a comment on how he's going to take Ryohei home with him. I nearly vomited. Seriously, does he want to make the world bulimic with his random comments?

The Sun arena lit up in blinding lights as I grabbed my glasses from my small bag (which carried my cell-phone in case Haru or Dino calls). With my vision cleared, I felt Sasagawa was going to lose. So, like any other person, Ryohei would obviously be blinded by the light, unlike the forever glasses-wearing Lussuria, really, he even wears it at night! Sometimes I wonder if he's blind or something… so anyway, the one who threw the first punch was Lussuria. Ryohei was just startled until the end of the fight when, to the Varia's disbelief, Lussuria lost, which means Vongola got a ring. I still have no idea how that happened.

So anyway, after that, it was Bel against bomb-boy Gokudera. I was positive that Bel-senpai was gonna win. I was betting my pride on it. The Cervello girls (very, very annoying girls they are) stated that the third floor of Namimori will have wind turbines that will explode after fifteen minutes, if they don't make it out in time, they're finished. Oh, what joy, I get to see Bel-senpai kill another innocent guy, it just lightens my heart! That is one example of the language I'm very fluent in, sarcasm.

Bel-senpai was a smart-assed type of guy, but he just had to be the 'prince'. Stupid, fake, fallen prince… but my deductions were right, he did win, so temporarily it's a tie between Vongola and Varia, and Next up is me vs. that Hibari guy.

Why did I have to fight? I'm known as a pacifist at school and at the mansion, why was I even picked to be the cloud guardian anyway? I fell I'm much like Simon or Dennis from Durarara! They're both pacifists from the Soviet Union, me, just another pacifist from Italy, Rome to be exact. Well, for this up-coming battle, so long Ms. Pacifist, hello Ms. Hell-Breaks-Loose.

"Because, you are the only one who can talk your way out of a situation with ease, Riri-chan" Lussuria told me.

"Must've gotten that from Onii-san then…" I sighed as I walked to my room. My room is I the middle of Fran and Lussuria's room and across from Bel-senpai's room. He's in the middle of Levi and Squalo. Boss, he's at the end of the hall, far, far away from us.

And besides, I throw a lousy punch; even dame-Tsuna could beat me. And I couldn't bring my box weapon (which is a very cute little white tiger cub that I named Kimora) which is a total bummer. So I had to bring some of my grenades. What a bothersome life I live. Why can't I just be a normal teenager?

My family went back to the mansion and to our separate rooms. I went to mine and slumped myself onto my fluffy bed and took out my cell-phone. I wanted to call Yuuko-san, because I knew that she will be working here too and also to tell Watanuki-kun to bring some Kanro* from the Hyakki Yako** world. I was sure that Watanuki was nearly eaten by the Oni*** there, poor Watanuki.

But, my body just lay on the bed, lifeless. My hand was covering my eyes and my hand was holding my black flip-phone. Somehow my breathing was becoming quicker and I struggle a bit to breathe, I got a syringe from my drawer, just in case something like this happens, and I lightly stabbed myself between my second and third rib. My breathing went back to normal and I sipped some of the tea that I made earlier.

"Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see, this odd town of Halloween" I followed the lyrics of Marilyn Manson's song, 'This is Halloween'.

Just when I was about to fall asleep (it was one am for God's Sake!) Lussuria barged into my room, "Riri-chan! Cavallone's here to see you!" he said in his sing-ish voice.

"Onii-san…? What is he doing here?" I asked myself.

I ran down the stairs and saw Dino was waiting for me outside by his Audi. I went out the door, ignoring my loud-long-haired captain's yells. Dino saw me and he opened his arms, I just walked down and ignored his attempts to hug me. I was a tsundere type little sister.

"What is it, nii-san?" I asked

"Riri, the Vongola are planning on a little vacation, and I want you to come with me to perform, but of course, the other Vongola members are going to perform as well, so… I was wondering if you wanted to... you know play the piano?" he stated. "There's gonna be a little competition on who will be the best pianist, you against Gokudera Hayato!" he said with that cocky grin playing on his lips.

"Sure… just tell me when and I'll-"I was cut off when he said…

"Thanks, Riri-chan!" really, I'm being called Riri-chan everywhere I go. With the exception of Fallen-Prince Belphegor, he calls me Rima-Hime sometimes. That damn bastard.

I walked back to my room, as if nothing had happened. Lussuria began shaking me by my shoulder about what he wanted to do with me; I said that he should stop shaking me because my head is pounding now, and that he wanted to be a great pianist under my tutelage.

"Like I'll be dragging a forty-ton baby grand piano…" I scowled under my breath.

"Rima, what were you and blonde-mop-hair talking about?" Fran asked in his monotone voice.

"It's nothing; just he wants me to play the piano's all…" I answered.

"Why?" he shot back,

"I don't know; he didn't tell me." I said pointing at the Piano that lay in a corner of the living room. "Anyway, I'm going to sleep, night Fran," I said.

"Night, Rima…" his monotone voice is heard for the last time for today.

"And when am I going to fight biting-fetish guy?" I ask under my breath.

I had a huge headache at the time. And I was thinking about when I'll be dodging the attacks form fetish guy. By the way, no one's ever told me why he had that strange fetish of his. I made my slow descent into my room and drop myself onto my fluffy bed.

"Fio-chan, come down! Its big news!" he said with his song-ish voice.

I scowled under my breath and wore a pair of my favorite black sandals and slowly made my departure down the stairs.

I took the matter of 'big news' I thought that I'd me moving together with Dino and away from these messed up men (well, maybe not Fran), but I was way wrong. I was at the foot of the stairs, and saw a baby in a suit; looks like Armani, wearing a fedora with a green lizard on it, it only meant one thing; the Sun Arcobaleno, Reborn. What's he doing here at this time of freaking night? I asked myself. I wasn't sure…

"…Along with the Vongola, you will be coming with us to a little vacation away from Japan; to Germany, that is" that's what I heard, "Rima, you'd better call your friend" he said, glancing over at me. Then the other members of the Varia, excluding Levi, glared at me.

"What?" I shrugged.

"VOI, What does he mean by 'call your friend', trash!" Squalo yelled at me.

"I have connections in Germany, so why should I call?" I asked with a sleepy look on my face.

"Because, he's the only one with a big enough place for us to stay in" Reborn explains.

I sighed, and took my black flip-phone from my sweater pocket. "Fine, fine… I'm calling him, happy?" I said with my phone on my ear.

"Yes, I am, thank you, Rima" the Sun Arcobaleno said, before eventually leaving us.

I went up the stairs without a word before my friend picks up. "Lu-kuuuuuuun~!****" was all anyone else in the mansion heard from me.
Author Rant: Gah, my first story must really suck, doesn't it? yeah, its short...

oh an btw...

* Hyakki Yako is the Night of a hundred Demons

**Kanro is nectar or tsukimizake, a type of sweet sake.

***Oni are the demons

****Lu-Kun here referrers to Ludwig, Germany's human name.
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Chapter 2: To Germany with Hayato

Narrator POV

"What is it, Leoni?" her German friend asked.

"Lu-kun, I hate this too, but Reborn-san told me to call you and ask for us to stay at your place." She said.

"How many rooms?" he shot back.

"About…thirteen? Do you have thirteen rooms?"

"No but-"

"What about Ita-kun's house? You practically live next door!"

"Hmm… I guess if he wants to,"

"Please, he's very easy to convince"

"I guess that's true, but his house can only hold up to four people?"

"Fine, fine, I'll send you the names list a bit later."

"Fine, bye"

"Bye, Ludwig, and say hi to the Axis and Allies for me, kay, and to the bad trio too!"

"Like I'd forget about the bad trio, they're always causing trouble for the others…" he sighed, "but I'll make sure to send them you condolences."

"Bai Bi~!" was the last thing her German friend heard from her.

: :

The next day, Rima woke up with a little note beside her pillow.


How are you? I hope you're doing well. It's me, Ukraine. Things are going smoothly here.

I heard that you were coming here. Is that true? Well, if you are, the army (Me, Bela-chan, Sey-chan, and Wy-chan, Mo-chan, Wa-chan, Ha-chan, and Bel-chan) are already prepared. We've even prepared a swimsuit for you! Well, that is Ha-chan's idea, not mine! Anyway, Lu-kun says you'll be here in about a week, of two days, true?

Well, I hope everything in your place is going great. We all miss you! Even Toni-kun and Fran-kun miss you!

With love,


Rima was a bit shocked at how Ukraine could even get her address; and an 'army'? She was so going to be pwnd. As she was sitting in her bed with the letter in hand, Lussuria barges into her room, again like it was his favorite hobby, "Riri-chan! There are three guys here saying that you're name's Leoni!" he says.

"I'll be down in a minute!" she replies, hiding the note under her bed and changing her pants into a pair of black sweatpants. She ran down the stairs in her black sandals and hoping it wasn't the bad trio. And she was wrong; way wrong. It was them, how did they even get this address? Damn you Ludwig! Rima curses in her mind.

"Leoni!" the trio said in unison.

"What is it! Who's idea was it to come here!" she asked in anger, a rare emotion of her to expose.

The trio did nothing but point at the blond man standing in the middle. Rima grabbed the collar of his shirt and said in a very menacing tone, "Would you get the hell out of here or else I'll punch your pretty little face back to France, got it!"

"H-H-H-Hai, Leoni-sama!" the three of them said.

"Get out!" she said as the three of them flee back to god knows where. "God, they've stalked me here…" she scowls under her breath.

Rima tries to make a quick departure to her room, but her plan is foiled when Belphegor just had to ask… "Riri-Hime, who were those three~?" he asked. Now he just got to a level of irritating as Lussuria.

"The bad trio, 'nuff said" she replied.

~ A few days later ~

The Varia is going to Germany along with the Vongola on Vongola Nono's jet. Rima (an: as our main character, the other characters clothes are up to you) was wearing a white shirt under a black sweater with black skinny jeans and her black Chuck Taylors. She was also wearing a necklace, it was an Iron Cross with the thin chain being gold, she wore silver hoop earrings, a bracelet by Gold Digger, and she was also wearing a ring by tree. To tie it all together, she had a small blue bag that hung lightly off her shoulders to carry her black flip phone and her mp3 player. It was very obvious from her attire she was a fan of the color black. She was making her way to her seat, which was A-5 if she's not mistaken.

But, there was already a teenager, most likely older than her, sitting there. He had silver-ish hair and he was wearing a black hoodie with a white rim and red shirt underneath. He was wearing black pants that had several scratches on both of sides, some were red, some were yellow, and some just showed off his skin. He also wore what seems to be red Chuck Taylors. Rima was a bit surprised, but shrugged it off and sat beside this boy. After sometime, the plane eventually takes flight and the boy wakes up. Rima had her hand support her chin whilst she looks out the window.

The newly awaken teen was staring at the girl who sat next to him. He was already upset that he didn't get a seat next to his boss; he was even more infuriated when he saw that who he was sitting next to was a woman; even more so a Varia member.

"Who the fuck are you?" he decided to ask the girl.

"Rima Cavallone, and you must be Gokudera Hayato, right?" she crossed her legs.

"Che… so who are you supposed to be?"

"Cloud guardian"

That conversation between the two was short, so much for getting to know each other. The plane was dead silent beside from Squalo's vois.

This was going to be a very long six and a half hours.
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Chapter 3: Our Crazy Messed up World

After six and a half hours later, the plane has finally landed in German territory. The Varia was the ones to go down first (with the exception of Xanxus and Levi, they didn’t want to come), with the exception of Rima. Then the Vongola went off the plane as well (without Hibari, Lambo, or Ryohei), leaving Rima to make her way and off the plane as well. Rima held her breath in because she was scared of what is going to happen next. She saw that the ‘army’ has been set in place; surrounding the plane securely.

As she was at the last step of the stairs to go off the plane, she sprinted out and ran while screaming, “Help!” And there was a faint voice that says ‘Get her, girls!’ and she ran all the way around the jet while dodging the attempts of the army capturing her. And she eventually got caught and she got hauled over to the rest of the Varia and Vongola, tied up by a girl with dark hair that was tied with a red ribbon.

Rima was gagged and blindfolded at the time and the army were holding Rima because they were not about to let her go this time, and the Varia and Vongola were staring with their mouths gapped open.

“Hai, umm… to explain this… long story short, these are my best friends’ ahahaha…” the army are still not letting go of Rima.
“Hajimemashite, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” the army all said in unison before retreating back to Ludwig’s house.
“What was that?” Gokudera asked out of the blue.

Then three men –the same ones known to the Varia as ‘The Bad Trio’- appeared.

“Oh, that’s just the army; they haven’t seen Leoni in a while” the blonde one answers Gokudera’s question.
“Well, neither have we, idiot” the one with red eyes shot back while smacking the back of the blonde’s head lightly.
“Well, it’s obvious that we all miss her, right?” the last one of the three who had tan skin pops up.

The Vongola and the Varia were still standing there like statues with nothing else to do, that is, until Rima finally showed up, panting and sweating a little.

“Ahaha… I guess they haven’t introduced themselves yet, huh? Well anyway, the blonde’s name is Francis Bonnefoy, nicknamed France,” she said pointing at the man who had a rose in his hand. “The albino is Gilbert Bielschmidt, nicknamed Prussia,” she said, pointing at the red-eyed man. “And last but not least, tan is Antonio Hernandez Carriedo, nicknamed Spain.” She said, finally finishing of her explanation to her Family and its allies about the Bad Trio.

Then, three more men, known to Rima as the Axis, appeared. One had blonde hair and blue eyes, the other had black hair and dark brown eyes, the last one had brown hair with an ahoge sticking out of it and brown eyes. They were making their way to Rima and the brown hair saying, “Vee~ Leoni, long time, no see!”

“Ita-kun, long time, no sees too!” Rima said, “Well, this is Feliciano Vargas, nicknamed Italy, Honda Kiku nicknamed Japan, and Ludwig nicknamed Germany” she said smiling. “Lu-kun, can we just go to your house before the army comes back to get me?”

“Alright, now shall we?” Ludwig asks, making a hand gesture towards a path, which Rima happily followed. The Varia and Vongola, including Reborn, were a little bit dumbstruck when Rima left them out in the open like that. Then, Reborn jumped off Tsuna’s head and walked towards Rima. Tsuna, of course, protested but gave in because he’s already here and he doesn’t want to get kicked in the head by Reborn. Tsuna hesitantly walked towards Rima too and followed by his right-hand man, Gokudera. And so the rest including the Varia followed Rima to Ludwig’s place.

Rima, or Leoni, knew that they will be in separate rooms, thank God, but, Ludwig was lying when he said he will prepare fourteen rooms...he knew Rima would bitch; ALL DAY LONG if he didn’t say he didn’t have fourteen rooms. And he had to pair them up...

~ Later at night when the others start to fell sleepy ~

“Finally away from the army” Leoni (an: she has two names, Leoni and Rima) sighs as she makes her way to her room. She opened the door and heard the sound of the shower running. She shrugged it off and thought it was Sey-chan taking a bath, so she slumped herself onto the bed before her and turned to the side.


Gokudera heard the sound of something hit the bed outside. He probably thought that it was Uri jumping on the bed again, so he continued with his shower, idly thinking about stuff that normal people would probably care less about. The silver-haired boy let out a low sigh as he thought about what an annoying pet and box weapon Uri is and continued with his shower, even though it was about eleven forty five pm. Hell, he could care less about what time it was.


Rima was lying lifeless on the wide bed, half wondering why Ludwig would put a big bed for one person and half the time falling asleep; her head on one of the fluffy violet pillows. Wonder why my box weapon is still a cub... and why does she (her cute as hell white tiger’s name is Kimora) like gnawing at my head? She thought. Sure, it was as cute as hell, but the gnawing has just got to stop! Really, it’s getting annoying, even for the author who thinks the gnawing is utterly adorable!


Gokudera was just about done with his shower and got dressed there (he somewhat had a habit of doing that; as in he brings his clothes there, and you get the idea) and he wore a red plaid pants but sadly he forgot his shirt, this was the first time he ever forgot his shirt. But, no one was in the room to notice him in all his bare-chested glory, right? Unless they come into his room and take a picture of him and post it on the internet for the rest of the human kind to drool and stare for hours on end over; like that was ever going to be possible…


Rima was still lying limp on the bed as she stared at the ceiling in her lower-thigh length jersey and green shorts. But why did she have to leave her mini Totoro plushie back at base? She sighed as she heard the slow sound of the bathroom door opening; yet, the room still stayed silent. She closed her eyes without a word and slowly dozed off to sleep.


Gokudera had a towel hung around his neck as he dried his hair with it and started looking for a shirt, ignoring the bed before him. He opened his suitcase and started messing some stuff up until he finally found his faded grey t-shirt. He put the shirt on and slumped himself on the bed.


Rima felt a presence on the bed; probably Sey-chan. They would occasionally sleep in the same bed because Sey is just too lazy to go to her room, just like Rima. She was already half asleep when the body beside her made a sound…


Gokudera closed his eyes; still thinking about that cute little annoyance named Uri. He was wondering why he hasn’t scratched his face out yet. That was a rare feeling. “Hey, Uri… why haven’t you clawed at my face yet? You don’t want to?”


Rima’s eyes nearly popped out of its sockets hearing the sound of ‘Sey-chan’s’ voice. For some odd reason, it has turned into a male’s voice; ‘scruffy’ nearly like Squalo’s but, not as loud. It sounds as if it was a smoker’s type voice. It sounded a lot like… could this be? Rima slowly turned her head to reveal a teenager with distinctive silver hair… “Why would I claw at your face?” she asked in a barely audible whisper.

“Gah, Uri! You can talk!?” Gokudera screamed.
“It’s me; Rima? I’m not Uri” she whispers.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!?” the both of them screamed.
“Freaking hell… West, I’m going to kill you!” Rima’s dark aura is growing as she and Gokudera storm out of the room, looking for the one named ‘West’.

After an hour of making ‘GRR’ sounds and walking around West’s place, she finally gave up and stopped by the kitchen. She sat at one of those high chairs near the counter and got herself a drink. She let out a low sigh and spotted a letter near one of the jars of wurst.
“Seriously, why did West leave me a letter?” she asked grabbing the letter. She opened it and read the letter written by that bastard, west.


I have left to go visit some of the Allies homes with Japan and Italy to create a better world with no violence, I hope you understand.

And, sorry for pairing you up… at least it’s better that having to be in one room with that pervert, Francis…


Rima growled under her breath and stalked back to her room. She passed all the other doors’ leading to god knows what other doomed pair that had to endure the same type of torturing that Rima had. She growled again as she opened her door to reveal the sleeping silver-haired senior of hers sleeping. Gah, she could really use a gun right about now. She could really get used to holding one again.

She sighed and reluctantly motioned her body towards the king sized bed before her and got under the covers. She hated the fact that she had to share the same bed with the enemy (though she never really considered the chain-smoker to be an enemy).

Who knows, maybe they won’t turn out to be enemies at all… maybe, friends? As if! Like a Vongola would ever be friends with the Varia!
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Oh, A Little Character Profile...

Name: Rima/Leoni Cavallone

Age: 13 yo

Weapon: Mostly guns, but she can handle a sword.

Appearance: Jet black hair that reaches her mid back in a peek-a-boo bang style, soft green eyes, pale skin, and an inch shorter than Gokudera.

Likes: white and milk chocolate, manga, anime, and listening to music, the colors: black, purple, white, blue, crimson, teal, and neon green or any other neon colors really.

Dislikes: Belphegor calling her Rima-Hime

Personality: she has a bit of a mood swing. but she's relatively kind. she can really get violent when she needs to be.

Bio: Rima grew up with the name Leoni. She used to play the piano and violin when she was at one of her friends houses. she used to live with her now deceased parents; they were killed by some robbers that came into her house one night. Her daddy always had always hidden a gun in his drawer underneath all those important paper work, just in case something like this happens. the robbers, however, silently got in through the window of her parents house, and then they shot both her parents at the same time. poor little Leoni didn't understand a thing, she was only four years old. the robbers failed to notice the room beside her parents room. she heard the robbers leave the room and down the stairs, so she quietly ran into the room and took out the gun from her dad's drawer and hesitantly made her way down to the living room where the robbers were. she shot the first one without the other knowing and then shot the last one. the neighbors heard the shooting and called the police. little Leoni was put in the local orphanage until a blonde man came in and said that he wanted to adopt her. he looked young, probably sent by his parents. he said his name was Dino Cavallone and he came from Italy just to see her. Leoni recognized him as a cousin that she always played with. and so he took her to Italy with him and she stayed at his house. she was really happy with him, she would train with him and he attempted to go against her without his men and he miserably failed. she lived with him for some time until she was about ten. thats when she got 'recruited' to the Varia that needed a new cloud guardian. luckily they sent Lussuria, because he wants to see his new shopping buddy. and luckily she accepted that easily. she ran off with him and got her ring. Dino wasn't all that worried because he knew she could hold off a fight.
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Chapter 4: The Aftermath (oh and btw, imagine this as Undertaker talking from Kuroshitsuji, oh and I’m attempting to make this one more serious, oh and here is where Rima starts to speak other languages... I”M TERRIBLEY SORRY IF I GET THOSE WRONG!! I just started learning French about a month ago and I’m having some difficulties... (__)’) if you have any questions or complaints, please review, same goes for if you have a compliment and yes, when I was writing this, I was smoking crack, and this is OOC!

Gokudera and Rima both had surprising dreams the first night they’ve slept in the same bed. Reality is stranger than fiction.

{Gokudera’s dream}

Gokudera Hayato was at a wedding altar. Who was he’s wife to be? You’ll surely find out... a slender figure was slowly making its way to the altar. Said figure was wearing a white dress that was decorated with light frills and laces around and she was holding a bouquet of white and pink lilies. She looked very stunning no doubt. Gokudera smiled at his wife to be in a loving manner. In return the woman smiled back at him, though covered by the veil concealing her face, Gokudera knew she was smiling. Her hair was up in a messy bun and her pale skin was somewhat shining under the lights. Of course the members of the Vongola and Varia would be there. Though Lussuria was notably excited, Squalo was just grumbling some gibberish. Gokudera’s man of honor was of course Tsuna. Across from the men, Tsuna could see his fiancée, Kyoko, though it was a tad bit embarrassing that your right-hand man got married before you did.

As the bride had a quarter of the aisle to go until she was officially the wife of Gokudera Hayato, he remembered the day they first met. (An: I hate nostalgia! It makes my eyes sweat… (*is too embarrassed to admit crying*))


“Who are you?”
“I’m Rima Cavallone, and I’m guessing you’re Gokudera Hayato, correct?”
“Che… so what are you?”
“Cloud Guardian”

//End flashback//

He regretted their first meeting was short and he acted like a punk then, but he saw his adorable bride was at the altar; Kyoko smiled at her, signaling that she has the ring. Rima sighed in relief as the Pastor said the usual wedding drill.

“Do you, Gokudera Hayato, take Rima Cavallone as your lawful wedded wife?” the Pastor asked, but Gokudera woke up from that fairy-tale dream.

{End Gokudera Dream}

He suddenly started panting as he tried to calm himself as he fell off the bed. He glanced over at his enemy, Rima, who was still sleeping peacefully, twitching here and there; he thought she must be having one of those falling dreams. As soon as he got calmed, he slowly, reluctantly, moved onto the bed again, sitting up this time. He heard the sound of purring coming from Rima. Then he peeked over at her in that red ‘59’ jersey she had on, and saw in her arms a white tiger cub. It seems to be trying to get away from Rima’s grip. Said white tiger cub let out a meow of distress, making Gokudera pull it out of her arms. The tiger-to-be was happy that she was free from her bocchan’s arms as it leaped onto Gokudera’s head, lightly gnawing on it. He pated the tiger’s head lightly making it jump from his head to his arms. It pushed its head towards his stomach awhile it’s purring as Gokudera stroked Kimora’s (the name of the tiger) head lightly. It eventually fell asleep in his arms, and so did Gokudera.

{Rima’s Dream}

Rima was running. Running from what, she didn’t really know herself. She was, oddly, in a red corset with matching shorts that held several knives and also, she was in a cape, a black one with purple linings. She was holding her most prized possession, her custom made AUG Steyr. Her hair was up in a messy bun; she was wearing her combat boots.

She stopped and spun around aiming her assault rifle at a man clad in a suit. He was in his early to mid thirties. And he had a 22 caliber in hand. Was that all he has? Rima was hoping for something more like a shotgun, but no, this guy just had to go with the 22 caliber. At least with a shotgun, Rima could've died an awesome death. She was about to shot him, when he shot her first. Rima’s now dead body was falling to the concrete ground. She fall face first and seconds after that, a pool of blood was forming around her.

{End Rima’s dream}

Rima was twitching in her sleep; tears forming on the edges of her eyes and slowly making her pillow damp. Gokudera, who wasn’t all asleep yet, noticed her twitching and immediately looked at the younger girl beside him. He shifted her towards him because he was too sleepy to go over to her. At first she was still sleeping like the dead, but after a few shakes, she finally wakes up.

He cupped her face with his warm hands as he said, “It was only a dream, Rima” wiping some of her tears off with his thumbs.
“Goku…dera?” she asked before she slumped back to sleep, this time, with Gokudera’s arms around her.

~ In the morning ~

Rima woke up to the warmth of two strong arms wrapped around her thin body. She placed her pale fingers along his sleeved arms gently. Who knew the Storm Guardian of the Vongola would be this gentle to her? And she also held her cool and collected mood while other girls would go gaga over him just by his presence near them. Rima’s face was in Gokudera’s chest. She felt the other teen wake up and decided to stay silent and shut her eyes once more. As said teen closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, the older one woke up and inhaled the scent of cherry blossoms.

Gokudera woke up to the scent of cherry blossoms and summer air. He opened his eyes to reveal the ‘sleeping’ Cloud Guardian of the Varia wrapped in his arms. He couldn’t help but remember the dream he had earlier and that he actually comforted her when any other girl crying he would just tell her to shut up and get over with it, also calling her, the any other girl, annoying. Anyway, he shuddered at the very thought of being in an altar and getting married with the enemy.

“Are you awake yet?” he asked the ravenette.
“Way before you” she replied opening her green eyes.
“Che… you know, we should be getting out of here…” the silver haired teen suggests. Rima nodded slowly and peeled herself off the undeniably comfy bed.

Her white and red jersey 59 did look good on her as they walked down the maze of what seems to be never ending doors. They’ve finally reached the kitchen. They saw the mess of Varia and Vongola members there. Tsuna looked like he hasn’t slept; Hibari’s tonfas were sticking out of Mukuro’s shirt; Belphegor’s hair was tangled up with Squalo’s and Belphegor’s tiara was in Squalo’s hair; Fran’s eyelids had light blue eye shadow on them; Ryohei’s forehead had the word ‘Kyokugen’ written on it, so did his arms in blue ink. Looks like only Rima and Gokudera had a good night’s sleep.

Gokudera proceeded to sit by his boss while Rima went over to sit next to Fran, her box weapon gnawing its way to her brain as she poured herself a glass of orange juice; somehow, she was never the type to like milk. She also wasn’t the type to eat breakfast, rather drink either coffee, tea, or any other liquid besides milk. And the milk she’d get would go to her tiger cub. And now it was jumping off her head and moving towards Fran.

“Traitor” she mumbled.
“Oh, aren't Box Weapons the worst?” Fran asked with sarcasm written all over his sentence also stroking the cub’s head.
“Riri-chan, how come you got a good sleep while the rest of us had to suffer?” Lussuria popped out of nowhere.
“VOOII!! Look at my hair! It’s tangled with the brat-princes!” Squalo yelled.
“How should I know?” she asked, “It’s your problem, not mine…” She asked as her phone rang. Surprisingly her ringtone was the dollZ and Hreadygo version of Matryoshka.

The other Vongola and Varia members stared intently at Rima, which scared the hell out of her. “Yoboseyo? Ha-chan, nice day too! Oh really? No. Way. In. Hell! That couldn’t possibly be true! What!? I thought he was dead… anyway I have to be there!” She said running out from Germany’s house. The others were staring at the window leading looking outside and saw Rima on a black and neon green motorcycle heading towards the person named Ha-chan’s house.


What Rima saw when she got to her friend’s house was a blond man clad in a black Teutonic Priest uniform; he had the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross dangling on a black and gold chain. He had slick blond hair combed to the back and he also had dark blue eyes. Rima nearly fainted as she hasn’t seen her long time friend in so long. He has gone to war once and had never returned. Spain said that he had died during said war, but here he is now. He looked about in his early 20-s. It was her long thought to be dead friend, Holy Roman Empire. She ran to him and hugged him in her usual death hug. And he patted her head. Seriously, that guy was like a big brother to her; he used to teach her how to play the piano and cello when she was about three, since her parents were so demanding on this, and she also was exposed to the piano and she could play some simple notes and make a tiny tune out of it.

“Why did you leave?” she asked.
“I…I needed my time to think; I hope you can understand, Leoni” he smiled at the shorter by two inches girl and patted her head.
“Yeah, it’s fine, but as long as I get to see you again…” she replied. “Oh, I have to get back before my captain break my ear drums, anyway, chi vediamo!” was her last words to her friend before she hopped back on her baby and rode back to Germany’s house. She was grinning all the way there. (LT: chi vediamo is like see ya in Italian)


“I’m back” she said, taking off her Celty Sturluson-esque helmet. Her hair was a bit poofed up because of taking the helmet off. She took some purple and light blue bobby pins out of her shorts pocket and pin her hair up; the peek-a-boo bang style still intact. She smiled to the rest of the temporary residents of the house. The others came back to stare at her in that creepy way that could make her tiger cub cry if it wasn’t with Gokudera.

Wait… Gokudera!? What was Kimora doing with him?

So anyway, the little cub jumped from Gokudera’s lap and off to nibble at Rima’s head, again. She went back to her seat next to Fran, this time; her cheek came in contact with the counter’s marble surface, not because Squalo or anything, just she had this huge headache just like the author has now and so the cub went from her head to her neck using it as her pillow. She really didn’t care as her kitten purred on her neck sending shivers down her spine.

“Hey, Rima, you’re bleeding again…” Fran’s monotone voice was heard by the silent mess of the Vongola and Varia.
“Je n’aime pas” Fran wondered why Rima had suddenly changed into her French channel. (LT: I dont care)
“Lesquelles que vous coup de parler en français?” Fran Questioned. (LT: why did you suddenly speak French?)
“Donc, je ne peux pas parler en français avec vous?” (LT: So I can’t speak French with you?)
“Hmph” Fran huffed as he crossed his arms and flashed a slight smile to Rima.

~ At night ~

It was eight pm and Rima was playing mahjong with China, Korea, and Japan. It wasn’t a boring game, hell; you can earn money playing this. Rima’s black hair was tied to the back of her head leaving two locks of hair on the sides of her face with a purple scrunch she found in the depths of her bag. Her SkullCandy headphones were on the verge of falling from her head because her cub was sitting on it. She really hated that cat sometimes, and that sometimes was a time like now. And she was listening to her favorite song right now, Mayday Parade’s version of the Pussycat Doll’s ‘When I Grow Up’. And in the end, she earned herself a hundred won. Really, she learned from playing with Dino, who failed miserably at a game of mahjong too. Eventually she left for her room on the second floor.

She ran up the stairs and heard absolutely nothing. Perfect, she thought. Like her counter, Hibari Kyoya, she didn’t like crowds that much. So, she went into her room, her cub was sleeping in her arms. That lazy-assed cat… anyway, she put Kimora on her velvet pillow and went to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I won’t let myself get killed, not again…” she took out a small bottle with and popped a couple of pills out of it; it was for her headache, it’s not because she was a drug addict or anything...

Just as she was about to lock herself in the bathroom, Gokudera barged in and let himself lay on the bed, Uri was let out of his Box Weapon state and it was clawing on Gokudera’s face. Uri let out a loud meow because he saw Kimora sleeping on the other pillow. Kimora yawned and glanced over to Uri before letting herself back to sleep.

Gokudera heard Rima lock the door to the bathroom and automatically rushed to the door and started banging on it.

“Oi, get out!” he said.
“Uhm, girl prolems, it takes time…” she tries to reason, but really, was Gokudera the type to actually listen? (a/n: well, this story is a little it OOC…)
“Does it have something to do with that dream you were having last night?”
“Y-Yeah… sort of…”
“Then, why were you crying?”

There was a silence for a few minutes, then Gokudera heard his phone rang. He looked back at the door, then got to his ringing phone. He looked at it and it had that little icon that says you have a message at the top left corner. He opened the new message file and it says ‘From: Pantera20’ he looked curiously at the door again, then he opened the message.

Yeah, it did… it says. He looked at the door for the third time today, and replied.
So, y r u crying? He texted
The dream I had…I was shot
So why are you crying now?
It reminded me when my family died.
I’m sorry
It’s not your fault… I was four when that happeened anyway…
Will you come out?
… could you get me my black sweater from my bag?
Sure :/

Form outside, Gokudera looked through her bag and eventually found her blak sweater. He obviously knew he couldn’t just slip it from under the door like a piece of paper. He knocked on the door, hoping that Rima would open it. He held the sweater close to the door. Rima swiftly opened the door and grabbed the sweater, Gokudera and Rima’s hands had the slightest contact that made Rima’s cheeks flush into a baby pink color before she closed and locked the door again.

U said u wr coming out :[
I lied XP

Okay, okay… I’m coming out…

With that said, Rima got her black sweater over the red and white 59 jersey, and unlocked the door. From outside, Gokudera was standing very close to the door, apparentley he forgot that it was a pull door. And when Rima opened the door, he fell and got a headache from the impact of the door. And Rima got some perks from living with Dino; tripping on your own feet. And she landed on Gokudera’s chest. Her slim, palce fingers on his chest, she felt his heartbeat quicken it’s pace. Well, so did hers, but it’s like he could fell her heartbeat.

“Geia” he said. (LT: hi)
“Geia sas” she half-smirked as she got off of him. (LT: hi yourself)

She walked over to the bed and grabbed herself a bar of white chocolate from her little blue bag. Gokudera went to the bed and sat hext to her. He also saw that their box weapons were sleeping next to each other. Rima clapped her hands and pointed at her head. Kimora understood and leapt towards Rima’s head. Then a familiar red mohawk appeared in the doorway, the door was already busted down.

“Riri-cha~n! theres something you gotta do~ Ludwig says only you can do it!”

Gokudera eyed me with a weird expression. Wether it was shock or fright, I couldn’t tell. “Let’s just do what he says and get over with it” then the both of them got off the bed and walked out the door, followed by their box weapons.

The mansion was completely silent, and Rima figured that the rest of them went outside, then she ran out there and saw the horror… “HOLY MOTHER OF HARE HARE YUKAI!”


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