is it just me or is crunchyroll dead?
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Posted 12/27/10 , edited 12/28/10
so today, i went on here for the first time after like ten thousand years to look for a movie or show to watch because I got really bored. So i'm looking at movies, dramas, and even people profiles, and i noticed that most people haven't updated since 2009.
Posted 12/27/10 , edited 12/28/10
It's not dead, just a chunk left after we went legit. =P

Forums are still active, and I have buddies to talk to, there's things to look forward to, apps are being released, shows are added as well.
Many people have Premium Membership, so I don't think people would pay for a site they don't even use. Site news still has many views and replies as well. In my opinion, CR's not dead, but a new generation is developing and is still in the fetus stage.

Any way to clear up the "after 2009" thing check this thread out, it should help.
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