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Acamen stops into the item shop to buy potions. The man behind the counter smiles at him.
"What can I get you sir?" He asks
"I need ten mana potions and five helth potions. Also if you have any apple pie that would be wonderful."He answers grinning at the last bit.
"Of course,"The sopkeeper says,pulling down ten small bottles with a slightly blue tinge, "You said five health potions right?" He asks reaching for similar bottles.
"Yeah, how much does that come to?" Acamen replies.
"Thirty gold pieces." The man answers placing the bottles on the counter along with aan apple pie. Acamen lays the money on the counter and puts the bottles into his bag."Thanks." He grabs his pie and starts eating while heading for the door.
"Come back again."The shopkeeper calls as he leaves the store.
Acamen strolls down the street enjoying the pie and th sights of the city.
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