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Yasuri Shichika (Katanagatari) v.s. Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)
Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10
Okay Who'd win between the two? I say Shichika, Very mobile in all area's with the abilities to break swords, also have fought someone with the same quick drawing speeds twice and defeated them without a mark on him. Kenshin is indeed fast but he has no hand to hand capabilities and without his sword is utterly defenseless. Good battle but out of the league of Shichika. What do you guys think? Looking for Debate!
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Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10
I don't know either one, but that's besides the point.
Why was this post reported to the Mods?
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Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10
^ Vs thread , it isn't a poll so it doesn't belong in the poll section either but thats what I think I didn't report it :/ .
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