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TerrorAdvent wrote:

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Username: gokuvsnaruto
Character Name: Sora
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Personality:Outgoing with his friends, flirtatious, trys to hard kind hearted and protective
Bio: Grew up a simple vampire and cant wait to go to school here. He got a full scholarship because of a mix of athletic ability and intelligence (hes not super athletic or super intelligent) His parents were both human and he was adopted and he never knew his real parents. and since his adopted parents were human they had to get him an apartment out here because it is far from his house.
Appearance (picture in a spoiler):

Vampire Form (spoiler):

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Nagihiko-Fujisaki-Lover wrote:

Even though I'm not the creator .... I wanted to help so! Here's the form when you make your character!

Character Form:

Personality:Shes shy,sweet,funny,and hyper at times
Bio:She never knew she was a witch until her parents told her when she was 10 so shes real bad with magic and stills needs to pratice
Human form

Witch form
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Name: Mortis Dator

Age: 17

Grade: 11

Race: An angel of death.

Personality: He is cold and manipulating he has no sense of morality which allows him to stay neutral and uncaring, but despite all of that he is always optimistic because he knows the end of everything and he always sees the end as a happy thing. Though he does enjoy some humour though it might be a bit morbid for most creatures.

Bio: He was exiled from paradise because instead of being an angel of mercy or hope in his mind he wanted to be all of those so he chose death which he thought combined them all but it was a mistake they decide that he was an evil creature sent to them as a curse or a cruel joke of fate they cast him out and sent to him to in their minds a place of where he would be tortured but he would still feel happiness they plain of magic for they had some mercy and thought hell was to cruel for him. He was smart of enough that the academy picked him up and that where he has been for a few years. He has also decided to be a guardian to anyone who is willing to fight the angels.

Appearance: Most of the time he wheres a black suit with matching black shoes and fadora his hair is black geled back his not as thin as you would think with deep gray eyes that have no soul within them and has a average human body but all this dose not matter for he can change form when ever he wants but that is just him most of the time.
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Name:Akuto Sai
Age: 16
Grade: 9
Race: vampire
Personality:solitary,fun,likes the night and looks and the moon and stars,he can be cold sometimes
but has his weak spots and doesn't hesitate to protect his important people,
if angered he can go on a rampage until he's calmed down

Bio:he's smart but doesnt really care that much about school and he gets bad grades, he likes
to be usually alone but doesn't mind if he has company, he's actually strong
but most of he's powers are sealed until he can control them if he sees people that need help
he'll try to help them out he likes being out at night and seeing the stars
Normal form:

Vampire form:

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