Without Him, Inuyasha fanfic
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Without Him

Darkness. That’s what surrounded me. Without him I could not see. Without him I didn’t want to see. Life without him wasn’t worth living. Him. That’s what I used to think about nearly everyday when he was walking beside me in the feudal era.

And now he’s gone and I’m stuck in present Japan. I had to continue everyday like I was okay. Like I wasn’t still grieving over the fact that I could never see him again.


The name rolled off my tongue automatically before I could stop it. All of my classmates looked at me quizzically. In the month that I had started to come back to school all of my friends noticed a difference. They said I seemed more pre-occupied than usual. I‘d wander around school like a ghost and all because of him.

I didn’t want to admit it but I missed him. Now more than ever. Only a month had gone by and already I was pining for him.

I missed the way his hair flowed in the breeze. The way his golden eyes took in everything I did. The way he was so confident I everything he did. The way he used to save me without hesitation if I needed assistance.

I jolted back to the present with surprise. One of my friends was calling me but I ignored her and lay my head on top of the desk and whispered to myself quietly. “InuYasha. I need you. I love you. Please hear me.”

I knew there was no way that he’d hear my plea but I still hoped. That was all I was ever doing.

Hoping and waiting.


Please tell me what you think :)
it was just a quick thought that popped into my head therefore I won't be continuing it.
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Excellent! I'm a huge Inuyasha fan, but, I watched every episode.
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