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Popolo February 2011 - Hey! Say! 7's part

Everyone especially loves Yama-chan’s smile.
Okamoto: it’s the best whenever Yama-chan smiles, so it’s [Best smile award]
Morimoto: it’s an idol’s smile
Chinen: and there’s also a smile that belongs to me (laughs)
Okamoto: my friends also said, [my favourite is Yama-chan’s smile]
Yamada: really? (laughs) I do that without noticing it, so I’m extra happy
Nakajima: He’s also really cool when he speaks Korean
Okamoto: So he also got [Korean speaking award]
Morimoto: Next year’s goal is growing taller (laughs)
Yamada: What are you talking about!
Nakajima: But health is always number 1!
Yamada: Ah~ then everyone please wish for my good health! (laughs)

Chinen’s is [Loving me award] I sort of adjusted the name of this award, makes more sense!
Nakajima: both Chinen’s personality and body are growing, SUMMARY during summer he even challenged the big tricks
Morimoto: [Superman award]!
Chinen: ma~ I’m also setting a goal to reach the same standard with superman (laughs)
Okamoto: My friends (your friends again?) they all say [Chinen’s performance is very splendid]
Chinen: about that, Yama-chan has also said it before (laughs) Chii you really love Yama-chan don’t you?
Yamada: Chinen should get a [loving me award]
Morimoto: Eh? Who?
Yamada: it’s definitely a [loving me award] from me!
All: Eh eh eh~~~~ (laughs)!
Morimoto: Hope that Chinen will be more mature next year. Ryutaro talking like an old man again xD
Nakajima: Ah, maturity and height? Possibly like Yabu-kun who grew very tall suddenly.
Chinen: if I can be like Arashi’s Ohno-kun then it’d be great~ (referring to height) maybe Ohno-kun should give him a [loving me award] as well!!
Yamada: 2011 should be [getting more loving me award than 2010]
Chinen: Understood! (laughs)

Ryutaro is opponent award with Yama-chan?!
Chinen: Ryutaro is [the way he communicates with others has become nice award] Chinen sure is creative with awards!
Nakajima: before when he gets teased he’ll take it in seriously, but now he knows they’re all jokes, so he’ll get over it.
Okamoto: he’s a grown up now, also [growing tall award]
Chinen: And [getting full of yourself award] (laughs)
Nakajima: yes yes, but the meaning is riding the waves. I’m not 100% sure what that means =/
Morimoto: that’s alright (laughs)
Yamada: with Ryutaro, at the same time it’s [opponent award]
Morimoto: shouldn’t it be fighting? (laughs)
Yamada: ma, then in 2011 try to defeat me! Hahaha
Morimoto: …. I can’t win, if it’s against Yama-chan (laughs)
Chinen: in 2011 you’ll be a high school, do your best in making new friends and studying

Can tell it’s Yuto from his singing, always dressing like he sings Rock-styled music
Morimoto: Yuto is [Drumming award]
Yamada, Chinen: Drumming award!
Okamoto: and also [many interests award]
Yamada: that’s right; his interests are unusually abundant
Chinen: and there’s also [dying-will boat rowing award] (laughs). When sitting in a peddling boat with Yuto, because a caterpillar fell down suddenly, he gave it his all to row back to the shore.
Yamada: and more, [Rock award]. The way he sings has changed to rock, so after a short listen you can tell [ah, it’s Yuto]
Nakajima: Wow~ so happy. The award certificates can be used at decorations at home.
Morimoto: There is no certificate (laughs)
Yamada: Wish next year you’ll become more rock.

Keito who uses computer to do his homework is amazing!
Nakajima: did his best in guitar and English, but Keito is [trying best in dancing award]
Morimoto: But the Keito speaking English is very cool too
Chinen: he’s also trying his best in learning to study with the new computer
Nakajima: like using the computer to do his homework, really remarkable
Yamada: Keito is really amazing (laughs), and he’s a gentleman, so I want to give him [always think for your friend award]
Okamoto: Gentleman gaa (laughs) our gentleman from England has gotten tired of being called gentleman~ maybe he needs something new~~
Chinen: during 2010 your hair was damaged due to the perming, so in 2011 you need to take care of your hair more
Morimoto: he’s got nice skin too
Nakajima: in 2011, you should do more beauty care, become a [beauty care locker]I didn’t really get this part =S
Yamada: ma, 2011 is [don’t wear low waisted pants award]
Okamoto: low waisted pants, I didn’t wear them. Lies! Everyone has seen scans from Duet Aug 09
Nakajima: you didn’t wear any?
Okamoto: maybe I wore some (laughs) guilty as charged xD

The dependable older brothers, next year will keep on looking after 7
Morimoto: the members of BEST, each of them are kakkoi (cool)
Okamoto: they give an aura of adults
Chinen: except for Dai-chan (laughs)
Nakajima: us, we’re still in our teenage (laughs)
Okamoto: still in growing procedure
Chinen: with BEST, between us we can become good opponents then that’s great
Yamada: because comparing to us they’re obviously the big brothers that are one step ahead of us, hopefully they’ll become more dependable big brothers than now
Nakajima: wish they’ll look after 7, becoming more kakkoi brothers in 2011
Morimoto: so wouldn’t that become the [kakkoi award]?
Chinen: opponent award
Nakajima: so 2011 is also [good opponent award]

credits from: yuma-daisuki.livejournal
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